Adjust sex underwear and fart articles

What is tone sexy underwear and fart?

Tuning sexy underwear fart is a way to achieve sexual surprise and flirting feeling with the help of sexy underwear.Generally, the fart is induced by the other half with his hands or props to pat your hips.The tone of sexy underwear fart is to choose the suitable sexy underwear to greatly improve the effect of this sexual impulse in sex.

The benefits of sexy underwear and fart

First, tuning erotic lingerie and fart can increase the stimulus in sex.Some sexy underwear uses some sexy materials (such as leather or mesh), which can increase visual sexual stimulation.By farting to produce pain stimuli, it can increase physiological sexual stimulation.

Second, adjusting fun underwear and fart can increase interest and romance.Choosing a suitable sexy underwear or props can be an indispensable part of interesting life.As a way of application of sexy underwear, farts can increase romance and feelings.

The specific steps of tone sexy underwear and fart

The first step is to choose the right sexy underwear.For women, you can choose more sexy and special materials, such as pink gauze skirts or leather vests, etc.; For men, you can choose to use sexy underwear in the body, such as sexy beam pants and sexy butado.Pants and so on.

The second step is to determine the specific method of fart.You can pat your hips in your palm, or you can use small whip or belt to stimulate.

The third step is to practice cautiously.Before trying to tune the sexy underwear and fart, the two parties need to fully communicate to determine the comfort and boundary of the other party, and ensure that it will not cause physical damage.

Talk about sexy underwear and fart, pay attention to the problem

First, hygiene issues.Before using sex underwear, it is recommended to disinfect or clean it.

Second, choose suitable fart props.Using inappropriate farting props may cause physical damage.

Third, pay attention to physical reactions.Some people may have a strong reaction to the fart, and need to stop or slow down in time.

Recommended sexy underwear farting props

First, hip -up deep V sex underwear.It can show the lines of sexy buttocks, and it is easier to associate farts.

Second, skin whips whip.Using high -quality leather, it is more durable, and it is comfortable to use and provides stimulus effects.

Third, stockings.It can make women reflect sexy leg lines after putting it on, and it is also a good choice for sexy tunes.

The best time for sexy underwear to fight fart

There is no special time limit, you can try it only when the two sides have good emotions, enough time and private space.


Tuning erotic lingerie and fart, adding fun and irritating to sex life is a way worth recommending and trying.However, in practice, we need to pay attention to hygiene issues, choose suitable fart props, and pay attention to physical reactions.In this way, the purpose of increasing sexual life and improving sexual experience.

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