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Quota in sex underwear: issues that need to be considered before opening a store

Before entering the entrepreneurial entrepreneurial entrepreneurship of sexy underwear, some preparations need to be considered:

1. Finding the right business location, the main considerations include: location with strong business atmosphere, transportation convenience, rent, etc.

2. Determine the direction and positioning of the brand, and carry out differentiated operations according to the target customers to ensure the professionalism of the store.

3. Find reliable supplier cooperation to ensure product quality and after -sales service.

4. Learn a detailed understanding of the laws and regulations of the relevant industries to ensure that the operation is legal.

The advantages of sexy underwear physical stores

Compared with other e -commerce channels, the advantages of sexy underwear physical stores are the following points:

1. Touch and try it out in person: Buying sexy underwear often involves considerations of various factors such as size, color, and styles, and physical stores allow consumers to make decisions after they touch and try on.

2. Consultation and answers: physical stores can answer consumers’ questions more immediately and avoid some questions that cannot be resolved in time.

3. After -sales service: physical stores can provide consumers with more timely, convenient and effective after -sales service, and consumers can buy more assured.

Interest of sexy underwear physical stores

Compared with physical stores, sexy underwear e -commerce has the following disadvantages:

1. The cost of renting or buying a site is high.

2. The operating management and personnel costs are also high, and it is necessary to hire clerks for service.

3. Limited by venue and area, large -scale inventory reserves cannot be performed.

Sales skills of sexy underwear physical stores

In order to improve the sales capacity of physical stores, the following points need to be paid attention to:

1. Training professional skills, strengthen product knowledge and sales skills: For sales staff, professional skills training is the basis for improving sales performance.

2. Create a good purchase experience: Shopping experience is also the key to showing the advantages of physical stores.

3. Product sales portfolio: Make different product portfolio recommendations for customer needs.

Sales strategy: store activity

During the sales process, some store activities need to be carried out to increase sales and publicity:

1. The first batch of customers’ preferential activities: attract the first batch of customers and let them conduct word -of -mouth publicity.

2. Holiday promotion: such as Valentine’s Day, Qixi Festival, etc., related promotional activities are conducted to increase the festive atmosphere.

3. Member system: Establish a comprehensive member system, reward points, discounts, gifts and other rewards to increase stickiness.

Sales strategy: social media publicity

Social media has become a publicity channel with a high popularity.For sexy underwear physical stores, the following strategies can be used:

1. Create WeChat, Weibo public account and professional online stores, update product information and promotional information at any time.

2. Release related content related to sex life, sex education, and improve social attention.

3. Hold online interactive activities from time to time, such as voting, awards, etc., to increase customer participation.

Sales strategy: layout in the store

The layout of sexy underwear physical stores is also one of the important factors affecting sales:

1. The design of a warm and comfortable atmosphere to increase the unit price of the customer.

2. Use humanized display skills to allow consumers to find the need for the product at a glance.

3. Aiming at mainstream customers emphasizing differentiation, experientialization and professionalization to achieve differentiated operations.


Regardless of whether it is a sexy underwear or e -commerce, the key to successful operations is to provide high -quality services, meet consumer needs, continuously dig new market opportunities, and achieve continuous business growth.

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