Bai Xintong’s various sexy underwear dance 3

Bai Xintong's various sexy underwear dance 3

Bai Xintong’s various sexy underwear dance 3

1. Super devil figure

Bai Xintong is a famous actress in Hong Kong, not only because of her fresh and beautiful appearance, but also because of her hot figure.The thin legs, the protruding chest and the beautiful waist of the curve made her a goddess in the minds of many fans.

2. Sexy and charming models

As a model, Bai Xintong often participates in various fashion exhibitions and underwear exhibitions.Her sexy figure and confidence made her a spokesperson for major underwear brands.

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3. Quotation underwear display

Bai Xintong is good at showing different styles of sexy underwear, and has very professional skills in underwear display.Her superb skills and self -confidence expressions make every set of sexy underwear more charming.

4. Charming stockings style

In the showcase display, Bai Xintong often wore sexy stockings to show the audience with more different charm.She sometimes shows black and stylish stockings, sometimes showing pink sweet socks, sometimes sexy net socks, lace lace socks, and so on.

5. Charm small underwear

In the sexy underwear displayed by Bai Xintong, small underwear is an indispensable one.She showed various small underwear of different styles, from Japanese -style students to sweet and cute lace panties, from sexy T -shaped pants to eye -catching split -panties.

6. Sexy conjoined pantyhose

In addition to small underwear, Bai Xintong also shows sexy conjoined pantyhose.This underwear style can display the body curve to the fullest, and at the same time make the whole person look more charming and cute.

7. Remeable lace bra


As the protagonist of the underwear, lace bra is an indispensable part.Bai Xintong has shown many different lace bra, from black sexy lace to fresh and sweet little floral, each of which is very attractive.

8. Classic black color sexy underwear

Black is a classic sexy underwear color.Bai Xintong has repeatedly demonstrated the black and sexy underwear, and successfully demonstrated this classic charm each time.

9. Colorful sexy underwear

In addition to classic black, Bai Xintong also shows a variety of colorful sexy underwear.From the bright red to the cute pink, each one can perfectly show the charm of their own.

10. The charm of sexy underwear

Bai Xintong’s various sexy lingerie shows the charm of sexy underwear successfully.In the underwear display, sexy underwear can not only make women more confident and beautiful, but also make men appreciate this beauty more.

No matter what kind of sexy underwear, as long as it can perfectly highlight the curve of the body, it can make people feel infinite charm in viewing.Bai Xintong’s sexy underwear shows the perfect presentation of this charm.