I bought sexy underwear in the dormitory

I bought sexy underwear in the dormitory

I bought sexy underwear in the dormitory

In this open era, people are no longer pursuing the way of traditional restraints, and more and more people have begun to try and accept sexy underwear.However, for some young people who are still in the student days, because of the restrictions on the dormitory environment, how to wear sexy underwear in the dormitory is a difficult problem. Let ’s introduce several solutions to you.

1. Choose the right time

Wearing sexy underwear in the dormitory can better feel sexy in your own private space, but you must pay attention to the reasonable choice time.You can choose to go to class or self -study next night to avoid being disturbed by others in the room.

2. Close doors and windows

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When wearing sexy underwear, you must remember to close the dormitory doors and windows to avoid being seen by other students of the dormitory.At the same time, it can also prevent unnecessary trouble to yourself and others.

3. sound insulation measures

The dormitory is usually relatively noisy, which will not only cause interference to focusing on work, but also make the fun when wearing sexy underwear.Therefore, it is recommended that you can hang a prompt at the door and put on the headset to sound the indoor environment to create a privacy and quiet situation for yourself.

4. Prevent the laundry from being stolen

Wash it in time after wearing sexy underwear.However, in order to avoid unnecessary peeping or stealing behaviors, you can use some simple methods, such as washing your own clothes, or putting your washing lingerie under your own wardrobe or pillow to avoid being seen by others.

5. Fabric selection

When buying sexy underwear, you can choose some more comfortable fabrics, which is not only suitable for wearing in the dormitory for a long time, but also brings a better wear experience and experience.

6. How to wear

Whether in the dormitory or in other occasions, the way to wear is critical.If you use some more hidden ways, such as wearing sexy underwear with other clothes, you can avoid some embarrassment and discomfort.

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7. Security and privacy

Privacy and security are also issues to consider when wearing sexy underwear.Be strictly grasping your own sexy underwear to avoid lending to others or being discovered by others, which is related to your own privacy and security.

8. Find self -confidence

The last thing to say is that as a sexy and unique wear experience, sexy underwear must not only wear well, but also show bravely.Find your self -confidence, wear boldly out, and enjoy the pleasure and freedom of wearing erotic underwear.

Viewpoint: When choosing to wear sexy underwear, you must choose according to your actual situation and needs to maintain a rational and open attitude.For the problem of wearing sexy underwear in the dormitory, as long as you take enough privacy and security measures, you can experience the sexy and pleasure brought by sexy underwear.