Is it allowed to sell sex underwear in the hotel?

The definition and development of sexy underwear

Interest underwear is a unique women’s underwear, which is characterized by sexy, bold and liberation.In the past few decades, sex underwear has become a very popular and widely accepted women’s underwear due to its teasingness and mystery, which has different market needs with ordinary underwear.

The regulations of sexy underwear in various places

There are different regulations for the sales of sexy underwear in the hotel.Some places are strictly prohibited from selling sexy underwear in the hotel, and this line is allowed to be allowed.In China, despite the increasing market demand for sexy underwear, it is still a more sensitive and controversial topic, so it is very different in the regulations of different hotels.

Some hotels’ prohibition of sexy underwear

Some hotels believe that erotic underwear violates public ethics and may have a bad impact on other accommodation guests, so it is strictly prohibited from selling sexy underwear in its internal sales.The purpose of this is to maintain a good hotel image, because the image of the hotel is one of the important factors that attract guests to stay in.

Why do some hotels allow sales of sexy underwear?

However, some hotels have the authority of selling sexy underwear. They think that sexy underwear is not illegal or harmful, but it is just a beautiful clothing. It is not essentially different from other types of underwear, and this H behavior can also increase sales andPassenger flow.

How to sell sexy underwear?

If a hotel decides to allow sales of sexy underwear, how to sell correctly?First, the business license is required and taxed according to law.Secondly, it is only sold in the sexy underwear stores or shops, not in ordinary tourist commodity stores.Finally, when selling, you must also pay attention to protecting customers’ privacy and personal information, and must not be leaked.

Make sexy underwear sales easier

It should be helpful for those who want to sell sexy underwear in the hotel, such as setting up information release, resource sharing and risk assessment services to make sales more convenient, stable and orderly.

Does other hotel supplies need to be stipulated?

In addition to sexy underwear, hotel management also needs to specify other hotel supplies.For example, various sheet sheets, quilts, towels, pajamas, etc. should be strictly managed to avoid using unclean supplies and affect the health of accommodation guests.

Create a comfortable check -in environment

In any case, hotel management should focus on creating a comfortable accommodation environment for guests.Even if the sales of sexy underwear are opened, they should abide by relevant laws and regulations and take guests as the center to do everything possible to provide guests with high -quality services.

in conclusion

Although the market demand for sex underwear is increasing, in the process of providing services, the hotel’s health and interests of guests should be considered.The management of sexy underwear sales should make it possible, and the hotel is not the main body of sexy underwear.Provided to guests with bold, noble, teasing, and fascinating services should be the main means of sexy underwear sales. It ensures that the type is suitable for customers, and hotel companies can also achieve stable business and high -quality services.

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