Is there a big difference between sexy underwear female men?


Interest underwear is a special clothing, which can not only set out the beautiful body curve of women, but also add the sex of husband and wife sex.Now many men are also trying to wear sexy underwear to increase their sexual interests.Therefore, people often have a question: Is there a big difference between sexy underwear women?

Style design difference

The style of sexy underwear is different, often designed according to the different body curves of men and women.During the measurement size, women’s bust and hips are relatively large, while the difference between men’s fence is relatively small.Therefore, the sexy lingerie female style will also be different in design.

Material fabric difference

The material fabric of sexy underwear is usually soft, breathable and comfortable fabrics such as silk, lace, and mesh.The material fabric of women’s sex lingerie is more focused on delicate and soft. It will choose more breathable and comfortable fabrics to reflect the feminine and sexy of women.The fabrics of men’s sex underwear will use more strong, durable and supportive materials to better set off the sense of lines of men.

Color matching

The color matching of sexy underwear is also different. The color of women’s erotic lingerie is mainly pink, purple, red and other soft colors, with a strong sense of girly and sexy.Men’s sexy underwear is biased towards neutral colors such as black, gray, and white.Although there are some bright colors in men’s sexy underwear, they are relatively small.

Style category

The style of sexy underwear is also different. Women’s erotic underwear covers various styles and categories, such as stockings suits, sexual jumpsuits, corset and night skirts, etc.Men’s sexy underwear is relatively single, mainly divided into T -shaped pants, thongs, briefs and bra and other types.

Differential difference

The purpose of the use of sexy underwear is also different. The positioning of women’s erotic lingerie is to settle the body, cater to sexual interest, and increase the taste of husband and wife life. Men’s sexy underwear is mainly to meet the psychological needs of men and enhance confidence and personality charm.

Suitable differences

The suitable occasions of sexy underwear are also different. Women’s sexy underwear is suitable for husband and wife life, and it is also suitable for some special situations, such as hotels, partys, etc.; and male sex lingerie can also be on stage performances, gatherings, various interesting activities, etc.Apply.

Different market share

According to market research data, the sales of women’s sexy underwear in the market are much higher than that of men’s sexy underwear. Women’s erotic underwear is not only widely used, but also richer and more diverse, which is more in line with today’s women’s pursuit of beauty and sex.Although men’s sexy underwear also has a certain market share, it is relatively narrow.

Different wear style

The style of sexy underwear is also different. The style of women’s sex lingerie is mainly sexy and bold, revealing the charm and mystery of women, while men’s sexy underwear is biased towards sexy, personality, violence, wild nature and other atmosphere.

Gender psychological difference

The last difference is gender psychological differences, with different mentality of men and women in sexy underwear.Women pay more attention to the body’s support, soft emotions, and meticulous personal sense, while men pay more attention to sexy, self -confidence and strength.


In summary, the difference between sexy underwear female men is relatively different.There are differences in style, material fabric, color matching, style, use occasions, market share, wearing style and gender psychology.Remember, when choosing a sexy underwear, you must not just look at the picture, but also comprehensively consider your own situation and needs.

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