Send sex underwear blessing

Send sex underwear blessing

Send sex underwear blessing

The appearance of sexy underwear not only makes people’s sex life richer, but also become a new choice for gifts.Sending a sexy underwear can not only express his love, but also increase the taste and interaction between couples.Below, we present some blessings for sending affectionate underwear, hoping to be inspired by gifts to you.

1. Break the restraint of traditional gifts-sending fun underwear

As a subversion of traditional gifts, interesting underwear is not only a gift, but also a reflection of your love and warmth of TA.Sending TA’s sexy, interesting underwear is enough to make TA feel your love for TA, and make your love more fulfilling and full of beauty.

2. Gift to TA is more individual-send sexy underwear

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In daily life, we often default some gifts to be a "safe" choice.Sending TA’s sexy underwear means that you are willing to try new and more innovative choices, which will also make TA feel your intention and attention to TA.Therefore, at the same time as sending sexy underwear, it also gives TA more individual gifts.

3. Enrich the fun life of the two-Sending fun underwear

Interest underwear can not only increase sexual interest and passion for TA, but also make your relationship closer.This is because after wearing a sexy underwear, TA’s body becomes your art display, and you become the admirer of TA, and the feelings of each other have a deeper sublimation.

4. Meet the sex fantasies of TA-Send sex underwear

Everyone has their own sexual fantasies, and wearing sexy underwear can meet the inner needs of TA.Especially for those who know how to express and release themselves, wearing their own styles and temperament in the matching of sexy underwear is also a unique way to taste.

5. Stimulate the love of sex-Sending fun underwear

For many people, sex is not only a physiological needs, but also an emotional expression.Sending TA sex underwear can stimulate TA’s new cognition of sex, making TA more love this sexual communication method.At the same time, it can also make TA more confident and self -esteem.

6. Liberation of TA’s trouble-Sending fun underwear

Some people may not dare to fully express themselves in sexual life because of their body or appearance.And sexy underwear can help TA break the trouble, let TA truly understand its own characteristics and advantages, and can use these advantages to create their own sexy and charm.


7. Express your preferences

The styles and types of sexy underwear are very rich, with a variety of styles and colors.And some people will be difficult to know which type of sexy underwear like for various reasons.Therefore, sending a sexy underwear can make the relationship between you closer and let TA know your preferences and characteristics.

8. Along with TA forward-sending fun underwear

Interest underwear is not only a gift, but also a promise.Sending TA erotic underwear means that you are willing to fight for TA’s sex, as well as the emotional struggle and hard work between you.Such commitments will promote your emotional progress, and you will also ignite a three -foot Qionghua’s flame of love between you.

In general, sexy underwear is a gift of innovation and personality. It can not only increase TA’s interest and love for sex, but also make love between you richer and happy.Therefore, whether you are your lover, your wife or your husband, you will send TA to a sexy underwear, so that TA can feel your love and attention to TA!