What are the domestic sexy underwear?

A brand overview

With the popularity of sexual culture and the rapid development of the sexy underwear market, domestic sexy underwear brands have gradually risen.These brands include, but not limited to: US Summo, Coco GO, Poison Honey, Girdeer, Mei Ni, Aesthetic Poetry, etc.

Meisu Momo

Meisu Momo is a sexy underwear brand with its own production base. Adhering to the design concept of "fashion, comfort, and personality", the product line covers daily wear, girl models, uniforms, SM and other types.Its product is well -known and has a variety of styles, and is favored by consumers.

Coco Go

COCO Go is a brand based on the research and development of sexy underwear based on the study of female physiological structure and sexual psychology.Its product style is simple and generous, paying attention to the detail design, so that the wearer feels sexy charm while comfortable.

Poisonous honey

As a new and sharp sexy underwear brand, poison honey not only pays attention to the design concepts and quality of the product, but also attaches importance to brand marketing and user experience.Its product style is changeable, the style is novel, and it is loved by young consumers.


As a sexy underwear brand with more than 20 years of experience in clothing, Girdeer has always led the development of the domestic sex underwear industry with its unique design style and excellent production technology.Its product line covers adult supplies, SM props, etc. to provide users with comprehensive services.


Mei Ni is one of the brands of the sexy underwear market earlier in China. Its distinctive sexy style and high -quality underwear quality have always been the leader in the domestic sex lingerie market.Its product style is changeable, leading the fashion trend.

Beautiful poem

Aesthetic poetry is mainly based on sexy underwear, which aims to provide female users with high -quality and cost -effective products.Its product style is simple and generous, with diverse styles, covering multiple markets such as adult products, role -playing, SM.

market expectation

As people’s openness is getting higher and higher, the prospects for the market for sex underwear are becoming wider and wider.Domestic sex lingerie brands should pay more attention to brand marketing and user experience on the premise of ensuring product quality and design style, and constantly provide consumers with more intimate services.


The rise of domestic sexy underwear brands has made positive contributions to the prosperity of the domestic sex lingerie market.In today’s society, people’s attitudes towards sex are becoming more and more open and modern, and the market prospects are broad.With the intensification of market competition, brand marketing and user experience will become the focus of the development of sex underwear brands.We look forward to bringing consumers with better products and services to consumers in the future development.

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