What are the styles of ancient sexy underwear?


As an important fashion product, sexy underwear has been welcomed by modern people.But in fact, there are many sexy lingerie styles in ancient times.Below, let’s learn about the styles of ancient sexy underwear.


The corset is a beam coat used to tighten the chest, raising the breasts, producing a plump, firmer, and high effect.In ancient times, corsets were often used to highlight the beauty of women’s posture, and some corsets were decorated with ribbons, lace, and so on.

Beam skirt

The skirt is to lift the hem of the skirt upwards, tie the waist with a strap on the upper and lower part of the waist, and the hem becomes two big cakes.The skirt has the effect of beam of the chest, which can produce a deep and exquisite waistline effect, which is also a common sexy lingerie style.


Tr carry pants were often used as sexy underwear in ancient times. The design is relatively simple. It only needs two straps and a triangular fabric. After putting it on, it can show beautiful legs and show sexy hips.


The suspender is a common sexy lingerie style, mainly composed of two shoulder straps and a piece of thin slice.Unlike briefs, the sling will set up the curve of the chest more. It is mostly used for sexy occasions or when wearing pajamas to beautify the sleep environment.


Bid -body jacket is a wide -waist tights, which are mainly used for waist and body, making the figure more perfect.In ancient times, many women hoped that their bodies were more slim and slim, and their clothes became one of the most popular sexy lingerie styles.


The robe is a classic pajamas in ancient times. Its texture is light and cool, and comfortable.On special dinners, private gatherings, etc., robes are often worn as sexy pajamas, especially against the embroidered fox skirt, which is even more romantic.

Open crotch pants

Open crotch pants are a special sexy lingerie style. The front and rear crotch opens, and it can produce a sexy and explicit effect.In ancient courts and windfalls, such pants were also very popular.


Bell pants are a small bell -shaped jewelry wrapped in the legs. It is fixed on the femoral bone. When the leg is walking, the sound of "bell" will be made, and at the same time, it can also increase the sexy atmosphere.

Gauze skirt

The gauze is a sexy underwear made of gauze with soft and transparent gauze.It has the characteristics of gentleness and lightness, reminiscent of the feeling of dandelion.In ancient times, gauze skirts were the favorite of many ladies, and it could show a variety of characteristics such as women’s sexy, elegant, delicate, and gentleness.

in conclusion

In summary, there are many types of sexy underwear in ancient times, and many of them are still welcomed by many keen consumers even today.Interest underwear has a unique charm. The sexy atmosphere will be intoxicating and difficult to give up.

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