What color is good for buying sex underwear?

What color is good for buying sex underwear?

For many women, color is a very critical factor when choosing sexy underwear.But what color is suitable for your skin tone and body, and it is suitable for the atmosphere of sexy underwear?The following is the suggestion provided by you:

1. Black -ink black sexy underwear is a color that is very suitable for which season.Black erotic underwear involuntarily thinks of sexy and mysterious, especially at night may give people a sense of darkness and romance.For women with Asian skin tone, black is also particularly suitable because they usually have a natural tan tone.In addition, black erotic underwear also has a slimming effect, so no matter what body shape, you don’t need to worry.

2. Red -red sexy underwear represents enthusiasm and sexy, suitable for those who try new things.Red sexy underwear shows women’s sexy and self -confidence, and also has traditional romantic and emotional elements.For larger women, dark or dark red sexy underwear is particularly suitable, because they can effectively highlight the curve of the figure without looking bloated.

3. White -white sex underwear is a stripe suitable for spring and summer, because these season need some fresh atmosphere to match.For those women with pale skin, white erotic underwear can increase their glory and show the skin’s spirit.

4. Pink -pink erotic underwear condenses cute, sexy and cute elements, which is very suitable for those gentle and feminine women.For those couples who want to add romance, pink sexy underwear is very recommended.

5. Purple -purple sexy underwear can show women’s elegance, mystery and sexy, and also bring people some incredible exotic style.For women with slightly yellow complexion, purple sexy underwear is also a good choice.

6. Blue -For women who like ocean and water, blue sexy underwear is very suitable.Blue erotic underwear can also increase women’s mystery and mystery.For those who want to adjust their mood, blue sex underwear is also a good choice.

7. Other colors -yellow, green, orange and other bright colors can also be a choice of sexy underwear, but pay attention to matching and their own characteristics.For women who want bright colors, these colors will also add vitality and vitality.

8. Matching and self -confidence -The most important thing is not to be timid, learn to try and match various erotic underwear, and find the underwear that suits you.When choosing sexy underwear, put more attention on your own aesthetics and personality, you can wear your own sexy underwear to enhance your inner confidence and sexy.

In short, when buying sexy underwear is one of the important factors, you can choose the color that suits you according to your own characteristics and needs.It is especially important that finding a sexy underwear that suits you will bring confidence and sexy atmosphere.

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