What do you say about Thai sexy underwear?

Interesting underwear in Thailand

Thailand is a Southeast Asian country full of mystery and charm, and its culture and clothing also have distinctive characteristics.For sexy underwear, Thailand also has rich culture and types.So, what do you say about love underwear in Thai?


In Thai, stockings are called "?Stockings are a common sexy underwear single, which can better show women’s beautiful legs.

Erotic underwear

The sexy underwear in Thai is "chut channel" (chut channel), which means "sexy underwear suit".Compared with stockings, sexy underwear is more comprehensive, including various styles of sexy underwear, such as lace underwear, sexy connective clothes, and sex outfit.


The bra is called "??????????????? (Seu Chan Nai", which literally means "underwear top".Thai women are also very particular about the choice of bra, because different styles are suitable for different occasions and different clothing.


The underwear in Thai is called "Kang Kaeng Chan Nai Nai", which literally means "underwear pants".Underwear is also an important part of the sexy underwear suit. Its style and material need to be coordinated with other underwear.


Stockings are called "????????????? (Pha Pan Tua), which literally means" cloth that ties the body ".Stockings are generally used with stockings or jackets, which can better present the beauty of women.

Sexual jacket

Intellectual clothing is called "???????????????????????, means" tight sexy clothes ".Interesting clothes are a kind of sexy underwear similar to swimwear, which can vividly show the graceful posture of women.

Lace underwear

Lace underwear is called "?????????????????????????????????"" ".Lace is one of the important materials in sexy underwear. It can create beautiful lines and soft temperament for women.

Erotic wedding dress

Interest wedding dresses are called "??????????????????????????????Fun wedding dress is a combination of sexy and romantic, which can add more temperament and charm to the bride.


The sex outfit is called "??????????????????????, means" sexy dress set ".Interesting costumes are a bolder and avant -garde sexy underwear, which can make women emit a stronger sexy charm.


The sexy underwear in Thailand is rich in color, and each sexy underwear has its own characteristics and use.For those who like Thai sexy underwear, you may wish to understand some Thai professional terms when buying underwear, so that you can make the purchase more accurate and convenient.Of course, the most important thing about any sex underwear is not the name, but the beauty and happiness it can bring to people.

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