What does my wife buy sexy underwear?

What does my wife buy sexy underwear?

As a woman’s exclusive underwear, sexy underwear is the most soft and sexy of women.Not only can it meet the needs of women’s self -display, but it can also effectively enhance the relationship between husband and wife.But many men often face sexy underwear, and some do not know how to choose, and some have misunderstood sexy underwear.So, what should my wife choose?

1. Modern style

Basic hue, concise and generous, without losing women’s unique sense of beauty.This style is suitable for women who buy it for novices or like fresh women.

2. Sexy private house

The design pays more attention to details, and the fabric is more unusual. This kind of sexy underwear is more suitable for couples who seek stimulation and try different feelings.

3. Sweet series

The romantic colors such as pink, vanilla, cream, etc. are the softer and cute underwear. They often add some details such as lace and bow. It is the first choice for warm and warm women.

4. Practical model

This sexy underwear style is the most mainstream, the longest time to wear, and the style is more moderate. It is suitable for housegirls, busy workplaces, and women who love sports exercises.

5. Aesthetics

Faced with this very important issue, the most important thing is to stand on your own aesthetic to debate what style to choose.Choosing some fresh and interesting style, and satisfying your aesthetic concept can just satisfy this.

6. Exquisite fabric

When buying sexy underwear, the choice of fabrics is very important. It will be relatively small in skin stimulation and high comfort. It is recommended to choose fabrics with soft fabrics, skin -friendly and elastic fabrics.

7. Brand

Interesting underwear is an industry that needs to pay attention to the brand. Choosing some brands to ensure that the fabric uses is safe, and the sexy underwear brand with excellent production process will have more guarantees.

8. Matching the body

Finally, it should be noted that the selected underwear must be consistent with your physical condition.For example, if the breast is too large, you should choose better support.Only those who are suitable for you are good.

Viewpoint: Wife buys sexy underwear to better show the sexy beauty of women and increase the taste of husband and wife. Therefore, selecting and purchasing sexy underwear should be selected according to personal preferences, psychological needs and physical conditions beforebest effect.

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