What does sexy underwear blood drip come from?

What is the blood drip of sexy underwear

There are many types of sexy underwear in the sexy underwear market. Among them, blood droplets should be the most representative.Blood droplets are a sexy underwear style. It is characterized by the upper part of the chest, and the lower part is a long lace.Except for some different details, the overall style of blood droplets is usually more cruel and provocative.So what is the origin and characteristics of this sexy underwear?

History of Blood Drops

Blood droplets originated in Japan and are sexy lingerie styles affected by SM culture.It was originally popular in the SM circle, and later gradually moved towards the mainstream market.In the process of promoting globally, blood droplets have been favored by many women.Nowadays, Blood Drops have become representative underwear brands, and many large -scale sexy underwear companies have launched their own blood drip style.

Features of blood droplets

The biggest feature of blood droplets is that SM elements are contained.Its design style is usually relatively simple. It adopts a monochrome or two -color design, which is in line with the principle of "people -oriented" in SM culture.In detail, blood droplets usually use metal ring buckles, chains, leather and other materials, as well as some rivets, small lace, lace and other decorations, which will give people a more exciting feeling.

Applicable scene of blood droplets

Blood droplets can evoke people’s curiosity and curiosity, so they are suitable for all kinds of sexual parties or intimate occasions.If the sexual life between husband and wife gradually lose passion, a blood drip will bring a help effect.When choosing the style of blood droplets, you can match it according to the occasion and personal preference.However, it should be noted that because the blood droplets have a strong SM style, the sensitive, resistant or conservative crowd is not recommended.

How to choose the right blood droplets

How to choose a blood drip style that suits you?First of all, you must choose the size according to your body. If you fail to buy, the experience may be unsatisfactory.Secondly, when choosing a blood drip style, you need to pay attention to color and details.Black is the most common color. You can also choose other colors when you want to break through the bland and don’t want to be too public.In terms of details, it is recommended to choose the appropriate decoration and material texture.

How to maintain blood drops

Blood droplets are a relatively special sexy underwear, so they need to be particularly careful during maintenance.Most of the blood droplets are metal, leather, nylon, etc., are not very suitable for cleaning in the washing machine, but should be washed by hand.At the same time, in daily storage, you also need to pay attention to avoid friction and squeeze with other clothing, as well as to avoid direct sunlight and other operations.

The proportion of blood droplets in the sexy underwear market

Compared with other types of sexy underwear, the market proportion of blood droplets is not particularly high.It is relatively limited in the market and can only match its own crowd.But for those who like SM culture or try new experience, blood droplets are undoubtedly an attractive choice.

The price range of blood droplets

The price range of blood droplets is relatively wide, and the difference in price is mainly in design and material.The price of blood droplets of some self -made or niche brands is more affordable, and even when buying a full set will not be too expensive.The blood droplets of well -known brands are usually more expensive, and the price is calculated based on thousands of yuan or even thousands of yuan.

Current Blood Drops Market Trends

The current sex underwear market is becoming more and more diversified, and various types of sexy underwear are endless, and some of the original styles may be eliminated.In such a market environment, the market position of blood droplets should change a certain change.However, because blood droplets have their own special nature, it should still maintain a certain number of fans, becoming a stable existence in the market.

in conclusion

Blood droplets are a special type of sexy underwear. It uses simple design styles and details, which is in line with the characteristics of SM culture.In appropriate occasions, wearing blood droplets can increase sexual interest and stimulus.Of course, for those who are unwilling to try, they do not need to be too reluctant, because the choice of sexy underwear should meet their own personality and preferences.Blood droplets are not high in the entire sexy underwear market, but it is still more popular among specific people.How to choose and match your favorite blood droplets need to be evaluated based on your body, preferences and occasions.

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