What should I do if I wear sexy underwear and chest?

Women with too small breasts wear sexy lingerie troubles

With the popularity of sexy underwear, more women begin to try sexy and gentle sexy underwear, but when they are clipped behind and find that their chests cannot fill the cup, this is often a order for women with smaller breasts.Human embarrassment problem.So, what should I do if wearing sexy underwear is too small?

Choose the right style

Women with small breasts should consider some "fill type" styles when choosing sexy underwear, such as cups with sponge, cups with lace lace, etc. These designs can "disguise" the size of the chest.

Choose the right material

Choosing the right material is also very important. Women with small breasts can choose a fluffy cotton underwear, a tight triangle panties, etc. These materials have a certain filling, which can create better chest lines.

Choose the right color

For women with smaller breasts, choosing a bright color of sexy underwear is very helpful. Bright colors can attract attention and make others’ attention more in the underwear itself, which can also alleviate some pressure on the chest.

Adjust your mentality

When women with small breasts put on sexy underwear, they often feel inferior and feel that they are not beautiful enough.However, this idea is unnecessary. Each woman has its own unique charm, and it should not lose self -confidence when wearing erotic underwear.

The importance of accessories

When wearing sexy underwear, with some small accessories, such as necklaces, earrings, sleeve hooks, etc., can attract sight well, let others ignore the size of the chest, and pay more attention to the clothing itself.

Reasonable hairstyle

Reasonable hairstyles can also help women with small breasts look more confident and attractive.You can choose some sexy, layered hairstyles, such as changing the bangs and adding some hair.

Practice method

No matter what kind of sexy underwear to buy, you need to pay attention to the correct method of dressing, read the underwear instructions carefully, pay attention to the fastening method of the back and upper abdomen, the choice of the cup, do not have the problem of swinging or even falling off.

Exercise is also important

In addition to these wearing Tips, you also need to focus on adjusting your body, to shape the perfect figure through moderate exercise, increase the tightening of the pectoral muscles, and allow yourself to show your beauty and charm confidently when wearing any clothes.

Choose with your own temperament

In the end, the most important thing is to combine your own temperament, personality, and style to choose the sexy underwear that suits you.Essence


Whether it is large or small, you need to be suitable for your sexy underwear.Women with small breasts choose to fill, materials, accessories and hairstyles are also important. At the same time, they should adjust their mentality and show their unique charm.

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