What’s the total of sexy underwear?

What’s the total of sexy underwear?

Interest underwear is one of the popular women’s clothing. It can improve the sexy and self -confidence of women, suitable for different occasions, but what are the types and characteristics of sexy underwear in summary?

1. Three -point/restraint

Three -point/restraint sexy underwear is bound by ropes, making the body curve more prominent, and the color is more bright. Women wearing women have more high leadership and strong interpersonal ability.Suitable for the occasional special occasions, such as parties, dances, etc.

2. Open file/shrinkage

Open -gear/shrinking sexy underwear is more suitable for wearing a romantic scene. Women are easy to show a gentle and soft side when wearing.The materials commonly used in this style of underwear are linen, cotton, and knitted materials, which are relatively comfortable.

3. lace/lace

Lace/lace -style sexy underwear has a unique texture and touch. The commonly used colors are white and black, suitable for daily wear, especially suitable for bed enthusiasts.At the same time, lace has a certain degree of transparency, which can moderate the sexy of women’s bodies moderately.

4. Sexy/see -through

Sexy/perspective sexy underwear involves a lot of exposure to women’s bodies, shaping sexy effects, emphasizing women’s body curve, and seeing a woman with relatively bright skin tone.Suitable for special occasions, such as nightclubs and elements.

5. Triangle/Bikini style

Triangle/bikini -style sexy underwear is a simple style. It is often used with comfortable cotton materials in materials. It is less decorated and suitable for daily wear, but it is not suitable for the fun on the bed.

6. chest sticker

The breasts -style sexy underwear is a small underwear that fits the chest. There is no fixed shoulder strap. It is suitable for women to show their own personality when wearing some low -cut clothing.In the bed, it plays a role in decorative.

7. tube top

The tube top sexy underwear is a separate top, which can highlight the temperament and beauty of women. The commonly use is smooth fabric, which can show the beautiful body curve of women.It is more suitable for romantic occasions, such as weddings, parties, bars, etc.

8. Stockings style

Stockings sexy underwear is suitable for wearing on the bed, giving partners a sense of pleasure with the whole body.Although the perspective is high, the texture is more comfortable and cool, so women can feel happy in the enthusiastic sex scene.

In summary, in order to achieve the best effect, women need to choose a style that suits them when choosing sexy underwear to choose a suitable style.Essence

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