Where is the sexy underwear factory?

Where is the sexy underwear factory?

In this era, sexy underwear is no longer mysterious and incredible things for a few people, but has become part of modern female wardrobe.So, for some female friends who need sexy underwear, where the sexy underwear is made into a more critical issue.Today, let’s take a look at where the sexy underwear factory is.

1. Mainland China

For most consumers, they don’t care about where the underwear factories are in the mood, they only care about prices and quality.However, for those who know the process of influencing underwear, they will know that mainland China is one of the largest production bases for making sexy underwear.According to statistics, in 2018, China ’s exports to the global sex underwear market accounted for more than 60%.This means that many sexy underwear brands are in mainland China.

2. Hong Kong

In addition to in mainland China, Hong Kong is also one of the manufacturing bases for many sexy underwear brands.Compared with mainland China, Hong Kong’s labor costs are relatively high, so the price of finished products is generally high.However, Hong Kong’s sexy underwear manufacturing technology and quality are also world -class.

3. Thailand

Because Thailand is closer to mainland China, it has also become one of the manufacturing bases of many sexy underwear brands.Compared with Hong Kong, Thailand’s labor costs are lower, so the price of finished products is relatively favorable.However, the number of sexy lingerie brands in Thailand seems to be less compared to mainland China and Hong Kong.

4. Japan

In addition to the production of high -quality cosmetics and skin care products, there are some companies that produce sexy underwear brands in Japan.Because Japan is very demanding in production technology and quality, the quality of sexy underwear produced is very high.However, due to the high labor cost of Japan, the price of sexy underwear produced is also more expensive.

5. The United States

Although many sexy lingerie brands are now manufactured in mainland China and some other Asian countries, there are still some sexy underwear brands in the United States that are very good in production quality assurance and technological innovation.For example, brands such as Victoria’s Secret and Playboy, their sexy underwear production plants are in the United States.

6. Europe

In Europe, many excellent sexy underwear brands have produced some creative and exquisite sexy underwear.Like the United States, many European sex lingerie brands have put production plants in their own homeland.For example, in several French cities, the United Kingdom, Germany and other countries, there are some sexy underwear production plants.

7. Southeast Asian countries

In addition to the above -mentioned countries, Southeast Asian countries such as Thailand, Vietnam, and the Philippines also produce a large number of sexy underwear.Compared with other countries, the interesting underwear brands in these countries are generally low and more cost -effective.

8. Other countries

In addition to the above countries, there are some other countries and regions that also have sexy underwear, such as South Africa, Argentina, Australia, etc.


In short, the production plant of sexy underwear is all over the world, and each country and region have their own unique production technology and style characteristics.For consumers, they can choose to choose the sexy underwear of which country to buy according to their needs and quality requirements.

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