Where is there a lot of sex underwear factories?

Where is there a lot of sexy underwear factories?

With the continuous growth of market demand, the production and sales of sexy underwear have also become a very popular industry.Many countries have various types of sexy underwear brands and manufacturers.But where are there many sexy underwear factories?The following will be introduced in detail.

1. Hong Kong, China

As an international city in Hong Kong, the market demand for sexy underwear is very high.Therefore, the production and sales of sexy underwear are relatively large.The tax policy in Hong Kong is relatively loose, making the production cost of sexy underwear relatively low.

2. Taiwan

The manufacturing industry in Taiwan is very developed, and sexy underwear is also one of them.In Taiwan, the number of sexy underwear manufacturers is also large, and the quality is relatively high.At the same time, the price of raw materials in Taiwan is relatively cheap, so that the production cost of sexy underwear has been well controlled.

3. Japan

Japan has always played a pivotal role in the fashion field.Therefore, there are also many sexy underwear brands in Japan.The demand for sexy underwear in Japan is also very high, so the number of sexy underwear manufacturers is also more.

4. Italy

Italy is a country famous for fashion, and its design concept is also very popular in the field of sexy underwear design.Italy’s sexy underwear market is very high, so there are many manufacturers.

5. France

French sexy underwear is famous for its exquisite and noble, and many sexy underwear brands have French manufacturing factories.French designers have unique aesthetic and design concepts, making French sexy underwear very popular in the market.

6. Philippines

The Filipino erotic underwear has more production and sales.In the Philippines, the production cost of sexy underwear is relatively low, and the production cycle is relatively short.

7. Brazil

Brazil is a resort and a fashion capital.In Brazil, the manufacturing industry of sexy underwear is also very developed.The sexy underwear made by Brazil has been favored with its unique design concepts and craftsmanship and is sought after by the world.

8. The United States

American sex lingerie brands are famous for their unique design styles and fancy production.The demand for the sexy underwear market in the United States is very high, and there are more sexy underwear production and sales.Most of the manufacturers with higher production costs are manufactured in neighboring countries such as Mexico.

9. Germany

Germany’s sexy underwear brands are famous for high -quality fabrics and manufacturing processes.The number of sexy underwear manufacturers in Germany is not large, but the quality of sexy underwear produced by German factories is very good.

10. Mainland China

With the increase in market demand, the sexy underwear manufacturing industry in mainland China has gradually developed.The cost of manufacturing in mainland China is relatively low, so there are more manufacturers of sexy underwear.


Interesting underwear manufacturers in different regions have their own advantages.When selecting sexy underwear manufacturers, you should choose according to your needs.For more critical situations of cost organizations, you can consider choosing a country or region with lower cost as a cooperation goal for priority.In the case where the demand for market consumer groups is very special, you can choose areas with excellent sex underwear manufacturing technology as the goal of cooperation.

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