Whether it is good to send girls’ sexy lingerie, okay?

Whether it is good to send girls’ sexy lingerie, okay?

Want to give a special gift for girls?Sex underwear can be a good choice.But you may want to know if it is suitable for giving such gifts.Let ’s take a look at the girl’ s sexy lingerie together.

1. First understand the preferences of TA

Before sending sex underwear, you must first understand TA’s personal preferences and sizes.If you are not sure, you can buy it yourself or buy it together.The labels on the sex underwear will also have a size reference, but the reference standards of different brands may be different. It is best to let TA try it on.

2. Break through the bland gift

Stir out from ordinary gifts and let TA feel your intentions and specials. You can choose a thoughtful gift.Fun underwear is a bit shy but fresh gift.

3. convey your love

Sending sex underwear is not only for a moment of pleasure, but also can convey your love and tenderness of TA.However, it should be noted that after the gift is delivered, don’t force the TA to wear it, and it is more important to respect the choice of TA.

4. Various types, flexible selection

The types of sexy underwear are very rich. You can choose a variety of different styles and colors. More importantly, TA can wear these sexy underwear in life, not just on the bed.

5. It is not important if it is suitable

For some people, sexy underwear may not be suitable.But it allows TA to feel a unique gift, and can guide TA to open their personality and relax.

6. Choose a high -quality brand

Choosing high -quality sexy underwear brands and high -quality fabrics can improve comfort and use life.Do not choose low -quality products because of cheap prices, which may bring quality problems and even affect health.

7. To know the affordability of TA

Some sexy underwear is very sexy, but TA’s psychological tolerance may be different.If you are not sure of TA’s tolerance, it is recommended to choose some simple and generous designs.

8. Pay attention to gift occasions

It is best not to give love underwear in public, such as gatherings, meetings, etc. If TA does not like ingenious gifts such as sexy underwear, it may make TA feel embarrassing or confused.

9. Pay attention to personal etiquette

No matter what gifts are, you need to pay attention to personal etiquette.It is best to write a greeting card or small note to express your love, which can make this gift more warm.

10. Care after gifts

Sending a good gift is only the first step, and it needs subsequent care and companionship.After sending gifts, remember to get TA feedback to show your care and love.

In general, sending girls’ sexy underwear is indeed a good choice, but it is necessary to consider TA’s preferences and acceptance ability, so as to prepare high -quality, suitable products suitable for the occasion, and need more care and companionship after the gift is sent.

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