Who are famous sexy underwear actresses?

Who are famous sexy underwear actresses?

Xun Mengyao

Xi Mengyao is a super model in Mainland China and one of the spokespersons of the sex underwear industry.She has a perfect figure and superb modeling skills, and she has performed on the "Victoria’s Secret Show".The brands she endorsed include Victoria’s Secret, Triumph and La Perla.

Liu Wen

Liu Wen is one of the top Chinese models in China and has repeatedly embarked on the T -shaped platform of Victoria’s Secret Show.Her endorsement brands include Victoria’s Secret and H & M.Liu Wen’s temperament is dignified and mature, suitable for showing elegant sexy underwear.


Canadian rock queen Avril is widely known in the music industry, and she is also the spokesperson in the sex underwear industry.Avrils showed her unparalleled artistic personality and innovation, and at the same time performed charming sexy charm.

Kate Apton

Kate Apton is an American supermodel and film actress, who has endorsed in the advertisements of many large brands.The sexy lingerie brands she endorsed include Agent Provocateur and Yamamay.Kate Apton has a perfect figure and infinite charm, which is the best choice for the spokesperson for sex underwear.

Adriana Lima

Adriana Lima is a Brazilian model and film and television actress, representing South America’s enthusiasm and sexy.She has traveled to multiple catwalks on the "Victoria’s Secret Show".As a spokesperson for sexy underwear, she showed her eye -catching curve and infinite charm.

Migao Wilkinson

Migao Wilkinson is a well -known British model and TV celebrity. It is famous for its long limbs, soft lines and charming smiles.She once endorsed the sexy underwear of Agent Provocateur and the Playboy brand.As the spokesperson for sexy underwear, Migao Wilkinson showed her unique charm and figure.

Kara Devari

Kara Dway is a well -known British model and has endorsed multiple sex lingerie brands, including Agent Provocateur and Victoria’s Secret.She is perfect and charming, and has won the love of countless men and female fans.

Rossi Haminson-Whiteli

Rossi Haminson-Whiteli is an American supermodel and film actress, representing the freshness and nature of North America.She once endorsed Victoria’s Secret, showing her perfect figure and beautiful face.

Kate Popz Worska

Kate Potz Wordca is a super model of Poland. She has endorsed Victoria’s Secret and Calvin Klein’s sexy underwear many times.Her extraordinary interpretation ability and perfect figure, with sexy beauty, make her the leader in the endless lingerie endorsement circle.

Haili Baldwin

Hye Baldwin is a supermodel and TV celebrity in the United States. She has endorsed many sexy underwear brands, including H & M and Lascana.She showed her eye -catching characteristics and hot figure, and became the first choice for sexy underwear spokespersons.

Viewpoint: These interesting underwear actresses are not only promoting the super model industry, but at the same time, they have affected the style and trend of the sex underwear industry through their outstanding figure and temperament.They led a healthy, confident and sexy lifestyle and created a new identity label for women.

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