Who is the popular underwear net red?


On social media and live broadcast platforms, there are a lot of online celebrities who have filmed underwear. They are perfect and white and beautiful, bringing endless visual enjoyment to people.We can’t help but be curious, who is these Internet celebrities who shoot sexy underwear?How do they become the representative of the sexy underwear industry?Let’s take a look together.

Net Red LARA

LARA is a tall Japanese girl with a plump chest. It quickly became popular because she took a lot of sexy underwear photos on social media.Her photos can always get tens of thousands of likes and collections in a short time, becoming one of the representative figures in the sex underwear industry.

Net Red Rosie

Rosie is a girl with a strong European and American style, and she especially likes to shoot tennis uniforms and bikini swimsuits.Her beauty is eye -catching, and she has repeatedly shared her sexy underwear photos on social media, and has harvested a lot of fans.

Internet celebrity lizzy

Lizzy is a girl from Korea. She is characterized by fair skin and small figure. She is good at various sexy postures. Various sexy sexy underwear has been wearing a high -level sense and sexy charm. Therefore, it has caused huge on social media.repercussions.

Internet celebrity Vicky

Unlike Lizzy, Vicky is a full girl, but it also attracted a large number of iron powder because of her sweet appearance, sexy temperament, and love underwear.

Net Red Jade

Jade is a girl with short hair. Although she is not as tall as other Internet celebrities and full breasts, she conquered the hearts of a large number of fans with her unique temperament and style.In the usual live broadcast and uploaded sexy underwear, she can always have different surprises and performance.

Internet celebrity sophie

Sophie is not only famous in the sexy underwear industry, but also a very artistic girl.She can always use her time and energy to dig out the things that others look down on and inject them new cultural and artistic elements, so that they have attracted more people’s attention and respect.

Net Red EVE

EVE is a young girl with amazing curve and firm arm.She uses Weibo and live platforms to share her enthusiasm for sexy underwear. Even the content of taboos can resonate with everyone.

The spokespersons of the major sex lingerie brands

In addition to the Internet celebrities mentioned above, many sexy underwear brands will choose some influential characters as spokespersons to increase the brand’s popularity and reputation.Some brands will choose various types of girls such as sexy actresses, fashion bloggers, anchors and models. They have their own characteristics and bring a different experience.


In summary, the Internet celebrities of sexy underwear can be divided into multiple types, such as: Japanese girls, Korean girls, European and American girls, etc. They may look similar, but they also have their own styles and characteristics.Whether it is figure, face value, temperament or photo technique, they have achieved the extreme to varying degrees and become the representative figures of the sexy underwear industry.They are not only the example of consumers, but also the spokesperson of the sexy underwear brand.I believe that the prospects of this industry will get better and better, let us look forward to it together.

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