Who is the Taobao model of 淘 趣 趣?

Emperor Mu’s spokesperson

I believe that many people have heard of Pu Mu’s fun underwear and are a brand selling sexy underwear on Taobao.So who is their spokesperson?

Lin Yun endorsement

The earliest spokesperson of 最 趣 Underwear is Lin Yun, a Chinese actress.In November 2014, she signed a endorsement contract with Ye Mu’s fun underwear and became the spokesperson of the brand.She once said that Pu’s fun underwear is not only a sexy, but also a kind of self -confidence and internal power.

Guan Xiaotong endorsement

In July 2017, Fei Mu Interesting Underwear announced that Chinese actress Guan Xiaotong became the brand’s new spokesperson.During the endorsement, she said that she had a sexy and elegant, and it was very elegant, which was in line with her personal aesthetics and style.

Who is 模 衣 趣?

In addition to the spokesperson, many people will also be curious about who is the model of Mu Mu’s underwear.In fact, there are many models in Fun Mu’s fun underwear. They are from various fields, some are professional models, and some are ordinary people.

Ordinary model selection

在 趣 In 2019, I organized a selection activity called "Extreme Beauty, I have an appointment with you", and invited the public to sign up.Their selection criteria are women over 18 years old. They are confident, energetic, attractive, and are willing to show their beautiful figure.

Professional model service

In addition, Fei Mu’s Interest Underwear will also invite some professional models to shoot advertisements and display underwear styles for the brand.Most of these models are professional and high -level professionals.

Model shooting content

The content of the models of 的 衣 趣 is mainly to display the style and design of the underwear, but also to reflect the sexy and confidence of the brand.Their shooting usually uses a variety of styles such as retro, simple, low -key to create a unique brand image.

的 衣 趣 款 style

的 Mu’s fun underwear is very diverse, including beautiful back -back bra, no trace bra, stealth bra, flat -angle underwear, briefs, etc., each is suitable for European and American figures.

Everyone can find a style that suits them

Different people have different bodies and preferences, and Fei Mu’s fun underwear has a diverse style, so whether you are European and American or Chinese figure, you can find the style that suits you in Fun Mu’s fun underwear.


Fei Mu’s fun underwear not only has a variety of styles, but also has a variety of spokespersons and models to show its sexy and self -confidence.Whether it is ordinary people or professional models, they have the opportunity to become the spokesperson or model of this brand, which also reflects the openness and tolerance of Fun Mu’s fun underwear. I look forward to this brand better and better!

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