Why do you buy sexy underwear with your husband?


In the minds of some people, sexy underwear is still a bit "taboo", so many women choose to carry their husbands to buy sexy underwear.So why is this?Let’s take a look today.

Self -feelings are good

Some women think that buying sexy underwear is a very personal thing, and even with their other half, they feel a little awkward.So buying sexy underwear with her husband can make them feel a self -choice and make them feel good.

Private management

Some women think that choosing a love underwear in front of her husband will cause their privacy to be violated, or they will be heard by her husband’s thoughts.So buying sexy underwear with her husband can better manage their privacy.

Avoid embarrassment

For some conservative women, choosing sexy underwear may have some feelings that are not suitable, especially when the husband is next to it.Therefore, buying sexy underwear with her husband can avoid the embarrassing situation between them and her husband.

Enhance mystery

Buying a sexy underwear with her husband can add some mystery to women, make her husband feel more curious and looking forward to it, and can have a flirting effect.At the same time, women can feel more confident and sexy because of this.

Protecting privacy information

A person’s private information is very important, and everyone should respect the privacy of others.Some women are worried that buying sexy underwear in front of her husband will leak their personality preferences, or be misunderstood, and can avoid such embarrassment with her husband to buy sexy underwear.

Free purchase

With her husband buying sexy underwear, women can buy them completely according to their own wishes, without any external interference and pressure, and can fulfill their preferences, personality and figure characteristics.

Improve relationship

Some women think that in the process of buying sexy underwear with her husband, they can have more private space and the right to choose freely, which will be very helpful for the establishment of the relationship between the two people.This process can make them feel more comfortable, thereby enhancing their feelings.

Just the right stimulus

When women choose sexy underwear, if they are not their own style or they like, they may make them embarrassed and have no imagination stimulus.Buying sexy underwear with your husband can avoid this.Women can freely choose the sexy underwear they want to achieve the stimulus effect of imagination.

Other considerations

In addition to the above reasons, there may be other considerations with my husband to buy sex underwear. For example, if you are not ready to enjoy your sexual preferences with your husband, or you have enough confidence to express himself in front of your husband.These are issues that women need to consider when women choose to buy sexy underwear.

in conclusion

Why do you buy sexy underwear with your husband?In fact, there are many reasons. When people choose sexy underwear, they will encounter some embarrassment and uncomfortable more or less. When buying a sexy underwear with her husband can avoid this embarrassing situation, making women choose the interest they want more freely.Underwear makes sex more exciting and interesting.

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