Will sex underwear not clean?

Wash of sexy underwear

Interest underwear is a kind of private clothing. Due to the special nature of materials and design, its cleaning method is different from the underwear we wear every day.The method of cleaning the sex lingerie is as follows:


Because the fabrics of sexy underwear are mostly materials such as lace, mesh eye, machine washing can easily make the fabric deformation, ball, drawing, etc., which affects beauty and comfort.Therefore, hand washing is the best choice for cleaning sex underwear.

Use neutral cleaning agent

Choose a mild neutral cleaning agent to avoid using bleach and powerful detergent to avoid damaging the fabrics and elasticity of the sexy underwear.

Water temperature

Interesting underwear should be cleaned with warm water, and the cleaning time should not be too long to avoid damaging the material. After cleaning, squeeze it gently, and do not twist it to avoid deformation of the fabric.


Different erotic underwear texture is different, and the method of cleaning is different.For example, silk and cotton underwear need to be cleaned for a while in warm water; and the sexy underwear of denim fabrics needs to be drifted in the water for 10 minutes. Use a neutral cleaner to gently wipe it when cleaningComfort and aesthetics.

Do not use the dryer

Sexy underwear is a kind of heat -resistant jewelry.Do not use the dryer and cooling dryer to dry.It is recommended to dry naturally.Of course, you can also use equipment such as dry racks.

Category storage

Different erotic underwear needs to be classified and stored. In the cabinets that store underwear, you can use partitions, cloth pockets, or large sealing bags to separate different types of sexy underwear to avoid damage to the friction between the fabric.

Anti -wet and moisture

If you do not wear it for a long time, it is recommended to use insecticides to spray and clean before storage, and put a desiccant bag during storage to prevent moisture and mildew.

Frequently replace

Interest underwear usually wears short time, and the materials are special. It is easy to make it dirty because of sweat stains, adhesive, and oil pollution.Essence

Your point of view

Interest underwear is a kind of private clothing. Unlike normal underwear pajamas, special cleaning and storage requires a long life to extend life.This is the only word for underwear clerks and sexy underwear experts.

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