Will you really do the sexy underwear?

Will you really do the sexy underwear?

In recent years, sexy underwear has gradually become a part of women’s fashion, and photos of sexy underwear have become a trend.Behind the seemingly tempting sexy underwear photos, what secrets are hidden?

1. Behind a photo

Take photos of sexy underwear needs to go through the steps of preliminary planning, selection, makeup, shape, photography and other steps. Through professional technology and photography techniques, the curve of the female body is extremely delicate.The women in the photo often wear a small layer of soft, transparent and lace clothes in traditional underwear jackets. Through a simple but beautiful match, women are full of mystery and sexy charm.

2. The body of the body is beautiful

Interesting underwear photos, because women wear many bare parts of underwear, it is easy to remind people of women’s body beauty and sexy charm.The women in the photo are often well -shape and smooth lines. Through such temptation, people can feel the charm of women again.

3. Cover the part of the imagination

Seeing some blocking parts in the design, sometimes it is used to create temptation.Although sexy underwear implies the desire to touch people, the light and shadow effects brought by these soft materials and air senses are also very suitable for the lens, which can guide the audience’s attention and create rich emotions in the language of the image.And beauty.

4. Tempeering double -sided nature

Although the photos of sexy underwear give people a sexy and seductive impression, it is inevitable that some people will be regarded as low -level and low.In this environment, the image of sexy underwear is often questioned.In the process of cooperation between photographers and models, whether the shooting behavior of part of the social ecology is legal and in line with social values, it is necessary to be given sufficient attention and thinking.

5. The role of the model

The model of sexy underwear is an important role in the entire shooting process.Whether the temperament of the model can reflect the style of sexy underwear, whether the appearance has a sense of fashion, and personal taste will directly affect the effect of the entire shooting.Therefore, we need to pay more attention to choosing excellent models to ensure the effect of photo performance.

6. Stimulate the audience’s vision and psychology

The photos of sex underwear stimulate the audience’s vision and cause the audience’s psychological activities. So, what impact will this stimulus affect the physical and mental health of people?Everyone needs to think and discuss together.

7. Clearly define works and vulgar works

问题不在于情趣内衣照片,而在于作品功夫是否到家,是否有良心,是否创新,是否过时,因为一张照片,好的包含温柔、美感、光影、呼吸、气场,坏的以低俗、色情、Killing Matt is represented, which is why the photos of sexy underwear have been criticized and questioned.


Interest underwear is a kind of charming fashion single product. Sex underwear photos allow us to see the sexy charm and body beauty of women, but before taking pictures, we need to weigh the position of the claims and choose the right photographer and model.Complete the work in a legal and appropriate way.Perfect erotic underwear photos are a brand new visual experience and classic traditional emotions. We need to continue to create and explore.

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