"Today's trees are our gifts to future generations"
Madroño, or Madrone, is the Spanish term for a beautiful Mediterranean evergreen tree known commonly as theStrawberry Tree, or in latin as "Arbutus unedo". The Texas Madrone, or "Arbutus xalapensis" is the namesake tree of Madroño Tree Services (listed as "A. texana"in older texts and plant articles, and still referred to by that name by some nurseries and gardeners). It is a small to medium size tree that has exfoliating bark similar to that of crepe myrtles, but much more vibrant. It ranges in color from white, to pink, and sometimes even has a reddish hue. It grows in the canyonlands of theBalcones Escarpment, a beautiful area known to most Texans as the Hill Country. It can also be found in the mountains of far west Texas (the Trans-Pecos region of the state).Madrones are members of the Heath family, and have flowers similar to the blueberries, and produce small, roundish, bumpy red fruit, that, like that found on its Mediterranean cousin, resembles a small, round strawberry. It is edible, and is prized by wildlife. Look for more information about Madrones, as well as other Texas trees as we refine and expand our web site. And thank you for visiting us. We invite you to come back and see us again.

Phil Coker, Certified Arborist # PN-0100A
Owner of Madrono Tree Services.