"Today's trees are our gifts to future generations"

Frequently Asked Questions

(update April 2016)
Q: Should I apply fresh mulch every year?
A: Generally NO! Unfortunately, mulch has become a design element instead of a tree health management issue. If done improperly, mulching can be very destructive and detrimental to tree health. AVOID VOLCANO MULCHING!
Q: Is it too late to prune my trees?
A: Again, generally no! As is the case with mulching, improper pruning can be very detrimental to tree health. There are industry standards, and accepted variations from them. Follow the ISA and Shigo links for more extensive discussions of pruning issues. AVOID HURRICANE PRUNING! (aka Lion's tailing)
Q: Is it too late to fertilize my trees?
A: No it's not too late. Avoid, or be extremely careful with "Weed and Feed" type products. READ THE LABELS! Remember! Fertilizers are NOT "tree food". "Tree food" is produced in the foliage through the process of photosynthesis.