"Today's trees are our gifts to future generations"
Aah - Spring at last!

Ah, Spring at last.  
Spring has officially arrived!  
A few redbuds are still blooming, Mexican plums have leafed out, and everywhere birds are courting and nest building. Live Oaks are in their annual transition to summer as evidenced by carpets of discarded leaves on any surface that is even somewhat level, and pollen is coating everything in a dusty yellow.
Soon all this will pass and we will be happy to see the full tree canopies that will provide some relief for the warmer weather that will show up in a few months.
Unfortunately the 'volcano' mulchers have been at it again and many trees are buried up to their necks in unnecessary piles of mulch.
Review the information on my site and do some searches on volcano mulching so that you can give your trees some relief.  
Soon, one of my favorite birds,the scissortail flycatcher, will be arriving and taking their place alongside cardinals, jays, and mockingbirds that are already here. Scissortails are really elegant birds and are fun to watch as they dart and fly about catching insects in midflight. I encourage you to go to my archives for more information on these birds and other articles and essays about Texas and the environment.  
Happy Spring! Phil Coker

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