"Today's trees are our gifts to future generations"
Climate Change and Global Warming

Do not let the "Climate change/Global Warming" fanatics buffalo you. The Climate is cyclical and has been changing since the very second it came into being, and will continue to do so until the end of time as we know it ceases to be. The earth periodically warms and cools and there is not a scientist on the planet who can tell you precisely when those future changes will occur and how long their time periods may linger. Arbitrarily deciding what the optimum temperature is for the earth is a blue print for global chaos. There are shortages of food, water, and energy not because we are running out of those things, but because there are people in positions of power whom are either irrational or despotic (or both) when it comes to working towards the best interests of the people and their own countries. Unfortunately, many environmental organizations have become as corrupt and despotic as their governmental counterparts, and while they make a lot of noise, they do little to promote good resource management. Granted, saving and planting trees can be rewarding, and can provide many environmental benefits on both local and global scale. However, poorly thought out tree planting projects can be environmentally destructive and lead to energy and resource waste and degradation. Short term and long term planning and management of projects are crucial components, and should not be taken lightly. There are significant design elements that also come into play, but are often ignored in many planting and land development projects.
In my next commentary, I'll discuss tree issues that plaque many urban, suburban, and rural neighborhoods.
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