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The Scissortails are Back

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Spring/Summer 2017

The Scissor-tails are Back!

Scissor-Tails are back
Texas, by virtue of its shear size and its geographic location, is a world class birding destination. Texas Parks and Wildlife Department has developed several "Birding Trails" complete with maps and a wide array of information about the birds, and natural and manmade features you can find along the way. Visit the TPWD website for a treasure trove of information on all things relating to Texas, including parks relating to Texas history.

Scissor-tailed flycathers are one of the more elegant birds that can be spotted over much of Texas at certain times of the year. They are not a year round resident, but arrive in most of Texas, including the Houston area, in early spring and stay until early fall. It is fascinating to watch them as they pursue and hunt insects "on the fly". Their arrival in spring can be quite dramatic as scissor-tails will often congregate on power lines and other manmade structures as they make their way back to their wintering grounds.

There are many good birding guide books available. I encourage everyone to find one that you like, and spend time in the great Texas outdoors. Also grab a book on Texas trees and wildflowers and you'll be all set!

Please visit Madrono Tree Services later in the spring and I'll have some notes on a few Texas birding specialties, as well as a bird and tree or two that connect Texas to such far-flung places as eastern Washington State and the deep woods of Maine.

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The Scissortails are Back
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