"Today's trees are our gifts to future generations"

Madrono Tree Services follows Natural Target Pruning techniques as developed by Dr. Alex Shigo and works within the framework of ANSI guidelines and ISA standards. Madrono Tree Services believes that trees add value to our landscape, and help mitigate the effects of our hot summers and the occasional cold snap in the winter months. Proper pruning is based on biologically sound techniques (natural target pruning). When done correctly, it is a health treatment. If you have concerns about the trees on your property, or you get the urge to cut your trees,please give us a call first, we will be happy to talk with you about it and give you an estimate for our services. One bad pruning cut or a poor pruning plan, can create defects and structural problems that can doom the tree to an early death. Poor pruning is also a major cause of insect and disease problems! Below is a list of services we provide. If you do not see something you feel you may need, please call us anyway, this list is not definitive and we always enjoy talking with people about their trees.
  • Pruning & Tree Restoration - Again, incorrect pruning can cause cumulative damage. Correcting this can often take months or even years. Let us help you avoid what could result in long term damage and costly restoration or mitigation of defects. * Free estimates*

  • Root Flare Excavation - Excess soil and mulch around the base of your tree will not keep it from running away in the middle of the night. If your tree looks like a telephone pole going into the ground, it is at risk for a multitude of serious problems. * Free estimates*

  • Site Reviews - General plant health and needs assessment for real estate professionals, homeowners and property managers. *There is a charge for this service.

  • Planting, Planning and Management - Designed for busy residential clients, property managers, and commercial real estate. Development does not have to kill trees. Mature trees must be considered in the initial phases of planning if they are to be saved.
When weed-eating or mowing, it is extremely important to avoid ripping or tearing open the bark of your trees.

This tree is suffering from 'lawnmower disease'. It causes incredible harm and trauma to trees and can lead to rot and decay of the trunk and root system.
Taking a Tree Down in a Tight Spot
'Roping up' the piece
to be lowered.
Controlled descent to protect objects on the ground.