Boyfriend stipulates that wearing sex underwear at home

Introduction: cause

At a friend’s party, I mentioned that I was wearing a sexy underwear at home to regulate my mood when I was chatting. As a result, my boyfriend was misunderstood as that he hoped that he would wear sexy underwear at home.In the end, with my encouragement, my boyfriend agreed to wear sex underwear at home.

Background: Understand love underwear

Interest underwear is not ordinary underwear. It is different from conventional design and has greater attractiveness. It is more suitable for women who need to enhance personal charm and self -confidence.Sexy underwear makes women feel more beautiful, sexy and sexy.

Boyfriend response: hesitant

After some persuasion, her boyfriend agreed to try to wear sexy underwear, but he hesitated because he thought that erotic underwear was not suitable for men to wear.I explained that men’s erotic underwear is also very common. Don’t worry about the eyes of others.

Choose style: Men uses sexy underwear to choose

My boyfriend knew nothing about underwear. I introduced some common male sexy underwear, such as briefs, low waist pants, bra, suspender, etc., so that he could choose the style that suits him.

Size selection: pay attention to details

Men need to pay attention to the size selection of the size in good -looking sexy underwear. Excessive size or too small will make the figure slightly bloated.Therefore, we measured the size of my boyfriend’s body to ensure the comfort and aesthetics of wearing.

Material texture: Choose suitable materials

Comfortable materials will increase the wear experience. I suggest that my boyfriend choose suitable materials, such as cotton, Modal, etc. to ensure the comfort of the underwear.

Dress -up skills: How to wear

It takes some skills to wear sex underwear.Boyfriends need to learn how to wear underwear, how to adjust the size, and how to trim hair, which will affect the overall effect of the underwear.

Symbol matching: match with clothing

Choosing clothing and accessories suitable for the occasion to match sexy underwear can make the whole look more perfect.We introduced some matching techniques to my boyfriend and how to wear sex underwear on different occasions.

Experience: The feeling of putting on underwear

After my boyfriend wearing a sexy underwear, it seemed different from usual.He also said that sexy underwear was more comfortable and comfortable than expected, which made him more confident and satisfactory.

Summary: confidence and comfort

Interest underwear is not a thing that is only suitable for women. Men can also wear their own sexy underwear, which not only increases self -confidence, but also improves comfort.However, you need to pay attention to your skills and details when wearing erotic underwear. Only with the style materials that are suitable for your own, the correct way of dressing, and the size of fit can you perfectly show the beauty and charm of sexy underwear.

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