Dressed in sexy underwear well

Dressed in sexy underwear well

Dressed in sexy underwear and make good cool

Wearing sexy sexy underwear will bring extremely pleasure and excitement to yourself and partners.However, how to choose the style and material that suits you, and what occasions are wearing it, we still need to understand some knowledge and skills.In this article, we will explore how to wear sexy underwear well.

1. Choose the right underwear size

Whether it is sexy underwear or ordinary underwear, it is important to choose the right size.If the underwear is too tight, it will cause physical discomfort and imperceptor, affecting normal blood circulation; if the underwear is too large and loose, it will make the body look bloated and cannot show a sexy curve.Therefore, we need to choose the appropriate sexy lingerie style and size by measuring our size.At the same time, when buying underwear, it is recommended to choose elastic materials to better show the curve of the body.

2. Understand underwear of different materials

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There are many types of erotic underwear, and common ones are silk, lace, cotton, etc.Different materials are suitable for different occasions and personal needs.Such as silk -made underwear suitable for family occasions, because it looks more elegant; lace -made underwear is suitable for romantic dating or wearing on the bed, which can highlight sexy temperament.Of course, when choosing underwear materials, you must also consider your comfort and breathing.

3. Choose a sexy lingerie style that suits you

There are many styles of sexy underwear, such as bras, pantyhose, suspenders, etc.Choose a style that suits you, in addition to your personal preferences, you can also make yourself more elegant, confident and sexy.For example, the bras of the bra can make women’s cleavage more prominent; pantyhose can make women’s leg curves more slender; suspenders are more suitable for wearing at home, comfortable and comfortable.

Fourth, with sexy high heels

The matching objects of sexy underwear are also very important, such as sexy high heels.High -heeled shoes can not only modify the leg curve, but also make the center of gravity of women’s body tilt forward, which is even more charming and touching.Of course, when choosing high heels, you also need to consider the comfort and stability of wearing to avoid problems such as running and falling.

5. Pay attention to the cleaning of sexy underwear

The materials of sexy underwear are mostly soft and easy to be damaged, so special attention should be paid to when cleaning.It is generally recommended to wash to avoid using too hot water and excessive rubbing, so as not to destroy the elasticity and touch of the fabric.At the same time, you need to choose a cool place when drying to avoid sunlight and affect the service life of the underwear.

6. Distinguish between sexy underwear and sex clothing

Sex underwear and sex clothing are two different concepts that need to be distinguished.Interest underwear is mainly to highlight the lines and curves of the body, while the sex clothing is to create different roles and atmosphere.Therefore, you need to pay attention not to confuse the difference between the two and avoid adverse effects on people.


7. Master the skills of wearing sexy underwear

There are some techniques to be mastered in sexy underwear.For example, pay attention to the tightness of the shoulder straps and clothes when wearing a bra to avoid glowing; pay attention to the degree and comfort of off -the -shoulder when wearing a suspender; pay attention to the degree of non -slip and slimming when wearing pantyhose.Mastering these techniques allows us to better show our sexy and charm.

8. Enjoy the pleasure of sexy underwear with your partner

Interest underwear not only brings pleasure and self -confidence to yourself, but also adds color and taste to the sex life with his partner.We can choose underwear suitable for the taste of the partner, and try various postures and actions in bed to make ourselves and my partner feel heart and satisfaction.Of course, when enjoying such pleasure, you also need to pay attention to your safety and health.

Nine, wear sexy underwear on appropriate occasions

Sex underwear is not suitable for wearing on all occasions. You need to choose appropriate ways to wear according to different occasions.For example, wearing in family occasions or date will be more appropriate, which can show your elegance and sexy; you need to pay attention to etiquette and specifications in public places to reflect your elegance and demeanor.

10. Conclusion

It is cool to wear sexy lingerie, we need to work hard in choosing styles, materials, sizes, etc.While enjoying pleasure and interest, you also need to pay attention to your health and safety.I hope that this article can help you better master the skills and methods of wearing sexy underwear and show your beauty and charm.