European and American pants of pants sex underwear competition


As a sexy underwear, sexy underwear has already occupied a place in the European and American markets.Among them, the particularly popular is that wearing a sexy underwear similar to thong participated in the competition, called thong underwear competition.This article will introduce the characteristics and wearing of this game.

Preparation before the competition

European and American thong underwear competitions require contestants to wear sexy sexy underwear in the game, and they need to buy their own styles and sizes.At the same time, it is necessary to carry out comprehensive care and maintenance of the body, maintain smooth skin, slim body, and neat hairstyle.As the game requires sexy and confident confidence, players need psychological preparation and training.

Way of wear

The way of dirty underwear is more special. It is necessary to consider the fabric, size, dressing, and appearance effect.Under normal circumstances, choose underwear suitable for your own size, to ensure comfortable dressing, and pay attention to exposing the right part to show sexy.

Color and material

In European and American thong underwear competitions, the colors often appear black, red, white, etc. These colors have a lot to do with the sexy sexy sexy underwear.Compared with color, materials are also critical factor.For example, the materials commonly used in thong underwear include lace, net eye, etc. These materials are soft, breathable, and visually sexy.

competition rules

European and American thong underwear competitions usually set time or rounds. According to the players’ display, performance and scoring of the judges, they will determine the victory and defeat.The judgment standards generally include sexuality, self -confidence, temperament, etc.The judges will score according to the performance of the players, and finally determine the victory and defeat based on the total score.

Competition process

Through pants underwear competition is relatively compact and full of tense atmosphere.Players will enter the stage in turn to show their temperament, posture and sexy.Many competitions will also set up the background session. During the waiting field, the players will communicate with each other, which is also an indispensable link in the game.

Secrets of winning

To win in European and American thong underwear games, you need to consider your temperament and self -confidence.Players need to show their unique charm in terms of wearing, performance, etc., and let the judges impress themselves.At the same time, you cannot ignore the skills of the stage performance, such as walking and natural expressions, such as self -confidence, and natural expressions.


European and American thong underwear competitions are graceful and luxurious.This kind of competition can not only show the charm and confidence of women, but also psychological guidance and adjustment of women, making them more confidently welcome the challenges of life.


European and American thong underwear competitions are a sexy, vibrant game.Participants need to be psychologically prepared psychologically, and they must also take into account fabrics, size, sexy and other factors.I hope that more women can show their charm and self -confidence through this kind of competition, and welcome a more colorful life.

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