Fairy underwear wholesale manufacturer contact information Daquan

Fairy underwear wholesale manufacturer contact information Daquan


Sexy underwear is a sexy and decorative underwear, which often appears in the couple’s products store.Wholesale is a way to buy a large amount of goods in order to get a lower unit price.In this article, we will introduce the contact information of sexy underwear wholesale manufacturers.This information can help you contact the experienced and well -known sexy underwear manufacturers, so that you can also enjoy better prices while getting high -quality sexy underwear.

How to find sex underwear wholesale manufacturers

It is very important to understand how to find sex underwear wholesale manufacturers.Here are some important search channels:

1. Contact the local industry association to get information

2. Use a search engine

3. Participate in industry exhibitions

4. Follow industry news and social media

5. Ask your peers or industry insiders

How to choose sexy underwear manufacturers

Choosing the right sexy underwear manufacturer is very important.Considering the following important factor:

1. Quality: Quality is the most important.Choose an experienced and superb manufacturers to ensure that you get high -quality underwear.

2. Price: Price is an important factor, but it should not be a decisive factor.

3. Service: The end of the project does not mean that the manufacturer’s work is completed.Choosing a sexual underwear manufacturer with excellent customer service and subsequent support is essential to ensure your satisfaction.

4. Reliability: Choosing a reliable sexy underwear manufacturer is the guarantee of ensuring delivery time, service, quality and value.

Contact information

The following list lists the contact information of multiple sexy underwear wholesale manufacturers:

1. Happy Cat Inner Clothing Co., Ltd.

-Chrontic: Shuangmei Industrial Park, Shawan, Panyu District, Guangzhou

-Step phone: 022-12345678

-On official website: www.kuailemao.com

2. Lead Sexy Lingerie Co., Ltd.

-Cato: No. 600, Yuanjiang Road, Baoshan District, Shanghai

-Phee: 010-87654321

-On official website: www.yinling.com

3. Oriental adult sex lingerie Co., Ltd.

– Address: No. 125, Siheyuan, Dongcheng District, Beijing

-Step phone: 028-111111111

-On official website: www.orient.com

Wholesale process

The wholesale process is usually relatively simple and very standardized:

1. Choose the manufacturer

2. Reply to inquiry

3. Confirm the order

4. Payment and sign agreement

5. Receive goods


The price of sex underwear is usually related to factors such as quality, material and production process.In the process of choosing sexy underwear manufacturers, you should try to find the highest quality underwear instead of looking for the lowest price of underwear.This can ensure that your procurement decision is reasonable.

common problem

When choosing sexy underwear manufacturers, the following problems may be encountered:

1. Is there any current style inventory?

2. Is there a customized option?

3. Can the sample be obtained before paying?

4. Is there a minimum inquiry?

5. Can it be returned?


When choosing a sexy underwear wholesale manufacturer, you should pay attention to the following points:

1. Find a manufacturer with rich experience and production skills

2. Determine the appropriate quality standard

3. Comply with the manufacturer’s payment conditions and policies

4. Ensure good communication expectations

5. Understand the supplier’s return and exchange policy and procedures


When selecting sexy underwear wholesale manufacturers, you should make sure you choose manufacturers with rich experience, high reputation and providing high -quality services.Learn that the difference between Manufacturn and Pricing (price strategy) will make you stand out gorgeously at all stages.

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