Funny underwear flirting story

1. The moment when you meet you

I still remember that night, you wore a black hollow lace sexy underwear that made me attract you at a glance.I clearly remember that when we met for the first time, you were lying on my bed, and I stared at your figure and looked at it.At that moment, I decided that I must have you.

2. Let you experience a personal experience

I recommend a three -level sexy underwear, black velvet fabric, low -cut design, and playful hollowed out, modern enlightened lace lace decoration, which highlights your chest to the fullest.Put on it, you can not only feel its soft and close personal, but it will also make you feel comfortable and release yourself.

Third, warm -up sexy equipment

The sexy underwear I prepared for you is not only good -looking, but more importantly to make you feel sexy.I have prepared a set of sexy underwear with lace and feathers on it. I am good at mastering the irritation of the heat, which will bring a stronger sexual impulse to your sex, so that you can enjoy a more vivid sex life.

Fourth, the encounter of strange cities

That night, we met in an unknown bar. You wore a set of sexy underwear suits made from black lace and leather, so that I wanted to walk into the room immediately.I just said softly in your ear: "Let me go with me." When we returned to the hotel room, everything began to become irresistible.

Fifth, tease the restraint equipment of the body and mind

I have prepared a set of close -up restraint suits, soft materials, and there is no rigidity at all. At the same time, it can also stimulate your senses densely, making you unable to extricate yourself.It brings great teasing each detail, and it can easily evoke your hidden desire.

6. The trial experience of continuous expansion of scale

At first, I recommend you a lace sexy underwear suit, but after you smile and agree, we have tried different styles together.Leather style.Our mood is happy, and sexy underwear has gradually become the way we try sex.

Seven, amazing incarnation finished products

I think I can move any woman’s lust with erotic underwear.I know you more and choose the style that suits you.A pearl shell white, low -cut, tube top sexy underwear, plus a enhanced version of lace thong.When you put on them, your body is more perfect, and I can’t resist your temptation.

8. Perfect experience like princess in fairy tales

When I put your white wedding and sexy underwear on the sheets, I worry about which one can better continue our happiness.I suggest you try on one of them.At that moment, you are like a princess in a fairy tale, beautiful and perfect.Even more wonderful, your sexual desire is slowly mobilized.

Nine, interesting underwear and skin echo each other

Before going to bed, under the soft lights on the bed, your body curled up on my chest, and I stroked on your back.I firmly believe that the sexy underwear is as soft as the skin, and it will actively echo the skin.At this special moment, I gave you a soft and soft lace conjoined underwear, and your skin became more soft.

10. The top ten advantages of sexy underwear

Since we put on the first sexy underwear together, I found that they have such an advantage: expressing the beauty and sexy of women, enhancing the fun of sex, creating a more persistent sexual experience, strengthening the emotional bond and strengthening the enhancementIntimateness, increased self -confidence and self -esteem, sublimated the natural beauty of women, met the needs of sexual desire, improved the depth and quality of sexual drama, added interest to the romantic night, strengthened the vision and physical perception of men, and made people feel good.Freedom and mint.These ten advantages have been absorbed in sexy underwear, becoming the symbol and standard spokesperson of charm.

Viewpoint: Interest underwear can not only ignite the flames, but also bring more fun and vitality to our lives.

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