How to show my husband in a good sexy underwear

How to show my husband in a good sexy underwear

As an adult product enthusiast, choosing the right sexy underwear brings different experiences to himself and his partner.Not only can increase sexual interest, but also improve self -confidence.But how do I show my husband after wearing a fun underwear?Let’s share a few tips.

Choose a sexy underwear that suits you

First, choose a sexy underwear that suits you.Different underwear styles and materials are suitable for different figures and styles.For example, in a fully fleshy part, you can choose underwear with abdomen and adjustment functions, and red or black materials can be more sexy.Moreover, you must choose according to your taste and temperament, which can increase self -confidence.

Consider your own comfort

Although it is mainly to stimulate and interest, do not ignore your comfort.Choose a comfortable and good underwear and dress well to maintain a good mood and good experience. Pay attention to whether the underwear style will affect action and sitting, and avoid scratching the skin with too tight underwear.

Choose the occasion and the right time

Wearing erotic underwear must not only consider your mood and comfort, but also take time and occasions.For those who try for the first time, you can choose a private place at home and between husband and wife, which can reduce the possibility of being discovered and have a safe environment.And when you choose when your husband feels comfortable, it may not achieve the expected results.

Choose the appropriate sexy shape

Choosing a suitable way of wear and matching will greatly improve the sexy of the sexy underwear.For example, you can choose the material of perspective or mesh to expose some private parts or skin, thereby increasing mystery and sexy.You can also use ribbon or lace vertical decoration to increase the visual impact, and make the husband’s eyes and emotions more concentrated.

Pay attention to hairstyle and makeup matching

Choosing suitable hairstyles and makeup can make underwear more perfect.For example, you can choose bright lipsticks to make the whole makeup more prominent and charming.You can also choose hairstyles with charming and fascinating, such as humid hair or sexy sea waves.

Good at using eyes and body language

Body language and eyes are also an important factor in showing sexy underwear.Good at using eyes and body language can attract her husband’s attention and mood more.For example, you can express your feelings with light kiss and affection, making emotions deeper and strong.

Use the mirror to adjust the shape and mood

After being fully prepared, you can use the mirror to adjust your shape and mood.Through more detailed adjustments, you can make your attitude more confident and find the best attitude in your husband’s eyes.

Don’t be too anxious and impatient

Finally, don’t be too anxious and impatient.Interesting underwear is worn to increase interest, but don’t turn things that should have enjoyed and passionate into tension and shy things.As long as you maintain a good attitude and atmosphere, I believe that the expected results will be achieved.


Wearing erotic underwear is not a simple matter. Many factors need to be considered, including comfort, purchase, occasion time, shape and supporting facilities.However, as long as it is comfortable and self -confidence, it can show the best state and create a unique and special experience.

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