How to take Taobao sex underwear pictures


The sales of sexy underwear on Taobao are very common, but it is not easy to take attractive sexy underwear pictures. This article will explain how to take Taobao sex underwear pictures.


First, you need to prepare a camera and a model.You also need a shooting place, preferably a room.If there is no professional shooting room, a clean white wall and a flat ground can also be.Finally, you need some appropriate props, such as high heels, handbags, etc.

Preliminary preparation

Clean the shooting venue and photography equipment to ensure the quality of the photo.Before shooting, the model can make up, which will better highlight the charm of sexy underwear and accessories.


When shooting sexy underwear, you need to pay attention to the posture of the model.The posture of the model to stretch is easy and natural.You can consider the model sitting on the bed, or leaning on the wall, holding props in his hand, and smiling towards the camera.

Light control

The control of light is particularly important for shooting quality.It is best to use natural light indoors, or use flash to shoot.If there is no sunlight or flash, you can use a white soft box to increase the light.But be careful not to use strong light, otherwise the photo will appear excessively exposed or too dark.

Background and props

When taking photos of sexy underwear, the cleanliness of the background is very important.Don’t let the debris and garbage appear in the photo.The props can enhance the attractiveness of sexy underwear, such as the beret, black long gloves, etc.

Filming angle

When shooting sexy underwear, you need to choose the best shooting angle.Usually the shooting angle is 45 degrees, so the clarity and three -dimensional sense of the photo will be stronger.

Post -processing

If you don’t have enough shooting skills and experience, it is difficult to take perfect sexy underwear pictures.After shooting, you can use photos to process software to modify photos.Be careful not to deal with too much later, otherwise its picture may be considered unreal and unbelievable.

Regularly updated

Updating sexy underwear photos on time can attract more potential customers.Regularly update and release new sexy underwear photos to attract customers’ potential interests, and it can also help you increase sales.


The above is how to shoot Taobao sexy underwear pictures.They all need to pay attention to details and experiences, but as long as these techniques are prepared, choose the appropriate posture, angle, light, and props, and choose the appropriate post -processing method. Take attractive pictures is completely possibleEssence

Finally, it is worthy of emphasizing that it is necessary to update the photos of sexy underwear regularly. It is a very important way to attract customers.Keeping attention and updating sexy underwear regularly will help increase sales.

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