I don’t want to wear sexy sheets

Why don’t I wear sexy underwear?

For many women, wearing erotic underwear can be a way to increase self -confidence, meet the needs of themselves and partners, and make them feel more sexy.But I don’t like to wear sexy underwear. I will explain a few reasons below.


Most erotic underwear is made of thin materials, and it is usually poorly breathable.This means that wearing them is easy to sweat and uncomfortable, especially in hot weather.


The price of good erotic lingerie is often much higher than ordinary underwear, and the supply is relatively rare when buying.This means that you are likely to spend more money to buy a few sexy lingerie than buying more ordinary underwear than buying.

Need special care

Many erotic underwear requires hand washing and drying, which means that you need to spend extra time and energy to care for them.If you have a lot of sexy underwear, this will definitely be a big problem.


Many sexy lingerie is more complicated than ordinary underwear, and it takes more time to wear and take off.This makes them less suitable for daily wear, because you may not have enough time to wear and take off them.

Not suitable for work occasions

Sex underwear is usually exposed to the skin, and the design is relatively avant -garde and exaggerated, so it is not suitable for wearing in most work occasions.This means that you can’t wear them as daily underwear.

Personal preferences

In the end, I don’t like to wear sexy underwear because I don’t think they are suitable for my personal preference.I prefer comfortable and simple underwear, and sexy underwear is often too complicated and exaggerated.

in conclusion

In short, wearing sexy underwear is a personal choice.Although sexy underwear is a way for many people to increase self -confidence and try new things, but if you are not suitable for wearing this, you don’t have to force yourself.In the end, it is the most important thing to choose a lingerie and dress that suits you.

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