Pressing flower hollowing fun underwear

Pressing flower hollowing fun underwear

In the field of sexy underwear, pressing flowers is a common design element that can inject more beauty and personalization into underwear.Pressing flowers with fun underwear can make women more confident and sexy, so which groups of underwear are suitable for this underwear?What are the styles and materials?Let’s find out!

1. Who are suitable

Pressing flowers and funny underwear are suitable for women who want to try personalized dressing, especially those women who like freedom, relax and use creative.Compared with ordinary underwear, they can better show women’s taste and personality, and can also improve women’s confidence and charm.

2. Hollow design

The hollow design is one of the core elements of the lame -lava -loving underwear. It can be used in the lingerie cup, wing, shoulder strap and other parts.The material of the hollow design can be lace, linen, silk, and so on.

3. Flower design

The design of the flowers is also one of the important design elements of pressure -lava -loving underwear. You can brand the pattern on all parts of the underwear by pressing the flower technology to make the underwear look more delicate and beautiful.Flower design can be used in multiple parts such as shoulder straps, cups, hems.

4. Cup design

The cup design of the lavage underwear is also one of the key design elements. The excellent cup design can provide better support and improvement effects for the breasts, and enhance the fullness of breasts and aesthetics.The material of the cup can be lace, tulle, or silk. It is very important to choose the appropriate cup material.

5. Material selection

The material choice of the material of the flowering lingerie is also important because it will have a great impact on the overall feeling of the underwear.Lace and silk are commonly used materials. They have a good touch and texture, and they are ideal choices to create high -end sexy underwear.

6. Facial design

In addition to materials and decoration, the shape design is also very important.Excellent form design can make a piece of underwear more close and comfortable, more in line with the principles of ergonomic design, and make women wear more comfortable and natural.In terms of morphological design, in addition to pressing flower hollow elements, 3D three -dimensional tailoring and adjusting shoulder band width can also be used.

7. Style selection

There are many different styles of choice for pressing flowers, such as corset, suspender, bras, beautiful back, and so on.Choose a style that suits you according to your needs, which can enhance self -confidence and personality.

8. Select selection

Pressing flowers and fun underwear can not only wear independently, but also use other clothing for daily wear.When matching, you need to pay attention to color matching, style matching, coordinate the overall feeling, and enhance the aesthetic and fashionable sense of wearing.


Pressing flowers and fun underwear not only cover rich design elements, but also create more beauty and confidence for women.Wearing a flower -lava -loading underwear, women can be more free, confident and sexy, and become a more perfect self.