Role -playing sex underwear student novels


With the openness and understanding of sex, the sex products industry is becoming more and more popular.Among them, sexy underwear is a relatively special product, which allows people to experience a more wonderful sex experience.And role -playing is a common sex experience mode. Wearing sexy sexy underwear and transformed into various roles can increase the stimulus of sex experience.Below I will introduce a novel of sexy underwear character.

Plot 1: lifting student outfit

The heroine is a versatile female college student. She is open -minded and clever, and often sells her own crafts to subsidize tuition.She has always had a very popular role in role -playing, but she has never had a chance to practice until she bought a set of students to wear sexy underwear.

Plot 2: Broken ice

The heroine asked her boyfriend to play role -playing, and they played a couple of teachers and students.The heroine is wearing a sexy student outfit and a bow headwear, her eyes are innocent and excited.Boyfriend plays a young and promising professor, with appreciation and confusion in his eyes.Through role -playing, the two gradually broke the restraint and restraint in weekdays.

Plot 3: Prohibitions

In the process of role -playing, the heroine pretended to doze off during class, and her boyfriend played a harsh educator to punish the heroine.He asked the heroine to copy her article in the classroom and let her squat behind the classroom for thinking and reflecting.

Plot 4: Upgrade and replacement

In the process of role -playing, the heroine tried other role -playing, such as stewardess, nurses, policewoman, etc. These role -playing sexy underwear is also different, so that the fun experience is more diverse.

Plot 5: accidental unlock

One day, the heroine accidentally discovered a lifting task. After the task was completed, she could unlock her new sexy underwear. She completed the task with her boyfriend and got a sexy maid dress.

Plot 6: Temptation Night

The heroine put on a new maid dress and played another role. The boyfriend plays a rich man, and the heroine is the wealthy maid of the rich.The boyfriend ordered the heroine to wear thin clothes at his reception to provide services to his VIPs.In a temptation and teasing atmosphere, the heroine felt the perfect experience of the fun experience.

Plot 7: Guardian Night

One day, the heroine pretended to be a smuggling vendor, and her boyfriend played a drug -free police. They played a dangerous and exciting role -playing together.In this play, the heroine became the temporary enemy of her boyfriend, but during the brief confrontation, they showed their deep feelings.

Plot 8: Exchange in -depth exchanges

In the process of role -playing, the two are becoming more and more easy to communicate and communicate, and no longer worry about facing embarrassing topics.They play the perfect realm of each other’s sexy and achieved sexual experience in the way they play.

Plot 9: End and start

Although the time of role -playing is short, both have a different feeling.Under the leadership of these interesting experiences, the relationship between the two is stronger, the sexual experience is more satisfying, and their understanding of each other is more deeper.

in conclusion

Role -playing is an important form of sexual experience. Wearing different erotic underwear to make yourself into a variety of different roles, making sexual experience richer and exciting.Of course, when choosing sexy underwear, pay attention to the elements of comfort, health, safety, so that you can truly enjoy the fun of interest.

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