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Want to wear a sexy underwear first

Interest underwear is not just a "secret weapon" in the bedroom. More and more women have begun to put sexy underwear out of the clothes or take themselves at home.However, it is not easy to take good -looking sexy underwear.Let ’s share some suggestions for shooting skills and different types of sexy underwear to help you become an excellent sexy underwear selfie master.

How to wear all transparent and translucent?

Fully transparent or translucent sexy underwear is the most challenging category.More conservative women can put a transparent lace underwear on dark tight pants, leaving a layer of buffer area in the translucent hollow lace and the revealed lower abdomen.If you need to be more explicit, you can add a large transparent raincoat or tulle coat to the underwear to enhance the visual impact.

How to choose underwear on the chest?

The most important thing for wearing sexy underwear is to find a style suitable for your body.Women with small breasts need to choose sexy underwear with thick coasters or pads, which can increase the protrusion and visual effect of the chest.In addition, selection of details such as lace hollow or lace lace can make the chest more layered.

Wearing stockings or stockings?

Sex underwear with long socks or stockings can make the visual effect more complete, but the effects of the two are different.Socks are more suitable for short sexy underwear, which can protrude the leg lines and layered sense of legs; while stockings are more suitable for long underwear, which can increase the sexy sensation and extend the visual outline.

Black or red?

Black -colored and sexy underwear is a very classic choice. It has a mysterious and sexy atmosphere, which is very suitable for the charm of women.However, if you want to show a stronger eroticism, you may wish to choose a red sexy underwear to make yourself more bright and enthusiastic.

How to choose T -pants

T -shaped pants are considered one of the most sexy underwear, but you need to consider your hip shape and body characteristics when buying.Women with hip type can choose a style with lace or complicated lace, protruding curve beauty and layered sense; women with flat hip type can choose a more "fluffy" T -shaped style, increase the thickness and lines of the hips, so asEnhance the visual effect.

How to choose milk stickers?

Milk stickers are an important part of sexy underwear, which can not only prevent lighting, but also significantly enhance the beauty of the chest and body.However, you need to pay attention to the appropriate milk sticker: First, choose your nipple size of milk stickers; second, the milk sticker should not be too large or too thick, otherwise it will affect the clothing effect of clothing; finally, you must follow comfortable and comfortable when buying.Principles of quality and safety.

How to take sex underwear selfies?

Choosing the right background and light is the key to taking selfies of sexy underwear.It is recommended to choose a simple and bright background (such as white or dark blue background cloth) to avoid interference or increase the sense of burden.In terms of light, you should try to choose soft and natural light or use auxiliary equipment such as "beauty light" to avoid the effect of hard photos or contrasts.

How to repair the picture?

Map repair is a part that cannot be ignored in the selfie of sexy underwear.However, excessive beauty and map repair will weaken the authenticity and natural sense of selfies.Active adjustment of exposure and brightness, reducing noise, and removing simple maps such as eye bags.Avoid excessive rich colors and false backgrounds.


Sending underwear wearing and selfies require a lot of patience and skills, but as long as you find the style and feeling that suits you, constantly try and challenge, you can become an excellent sexy underwear selfie master, and show your unlimited charm and charm andSexy!

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