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Latest trend: diversified styles and colors

Interest underwear is no longer a traditional black style. Now more and more designers have joined various color and pattern elements to make underwear more fashionable and personality.Some underwear has the unique creativity of designers, with exquisite patterns or embroidery, and some use avant -garde and unique geometric patterns.

In addition to the diverse patterns, the color has also begun to become diverse.It is no longer limited to the traditional color of black, red and pink. Nowadays, sexy underwear can also be yellow, purple, dark red and other rich colors.

Special material: Mesh and beads

The edge of Mesh material and beads is increasingly popular in the field of sexy underwear.The Mesh material breaks the sense of restraint of traditional underwear, has good breathability, and makes the wearer feel more comfortable.At the same time, the edge of the beads is a very special design element that allows underwear to have a unique personality and fashion sense.This edge is usually used in the edges and hems of the underwear, making the underwear more lively and lively.

Design of respect for nature: no steel ring underwear

Modern women are increasingly pursuing freedom and comfort, and no steel ring underwear has become one of the most popular styles in this trend.The design of no steel ring underwear pays more attention to the body curve, allowing the underwear to fit the body tightly, while avoiding the restraint of traditional steel ring underwear.

Because the design of steel -free underwear is more in line with natural body curves, more and more underwear brands are launching such styles.Whether it is a white -collar worker in office or a lady who likes fitness, this style is a good choice.

Sexy and comfort coexist: front buckle underwear

The front buckle has a good balance in terms of sexy and comfort.The design of this underwear allows the wearer to take off his clothes easily and quickly, and at the same time, the front water -drip underwear cup can also make the chest look more fluffy and plump.

In addition to being a sexy underwear, front -built underwear is increasingly suitable for various special occasions.For example, for a breastfeeding mother who needs to change the underwear frequently, the front buckle underwear is a very convenient choice.

Missing the worrying design: the cup opens the underwear

The design of the cup opening underwear makes women more teasing, and also work hard on the selection and technology of materials.This style of underwear is usually a low -cut design. At the opening of the cup on the chest, the woman’s curvature is displayed in a unique tailoring method, which makes people involuntarily want to see Fang Rong.

Nowadays, many brands have begun to launch a cup -open -style underwear, including the well -known Victoria’s secret brands, etc., have their own cup -open -style underwear.

Intelligent design: fusion of wearable technology

Today, the rapid development of science and technology has also affected the innovation of fashion underwear.The fusion of wearable technology makes sexy underwear not only simple clothing, but also a reflection of lifestyle.Such underwear can record information such as sports data, health status and mood, and use mobile phone APP to control the operation of underwear.

Although not all brands have participated in the exploration of this field, it is worth looking forward to.

Classic charm: lace lace underwear

Lace lace underwear can be described as classic in sexy underwear, and its charm is constantly being excavated.This lace -made underwear is simple and generous, but also sexy and attractive.

With the development of materials and tailoring technology, lace lace underwear has become one of the essential bottoming underwear for every woman.Brands have also launched different styles to meet female preferences of different ages and tastes.

Retro New Tide: College style and fun underwear

The college’s style of fun underwear is an emerging style in recent years. Its design theme comes from classical campus culture and lady style.This style of underwear emphasizes elegance and ladylike temperament, rather than simply pursuing sexy as traditional sexy underwear.

College style underwear usually uses soft materials, and pays attention to tailoring and the beauty of lines.It is welcomed by many young women and has become a design direction for many brands to chase.

Personalization: tailor -made underwear

Tailor -made underwear allows women to experience a more personal feeling on tailoring, size and materials.This style of underwear is designed according to the customer’s body size and preference, so that every woman can put on the most suitable underwear for each woman to achieve the best wrapping and support.

Although the price of this underwear is relatively high, more and more women are seeking such customized underwear to achieve a more perfect dressing effect.


The sexy underwear is novel, colorful, and the material of the underwear has become more and more diverse.For wearers, sexy underwear is not only a satisfying sexy needs, but also an expression of their physical and lifestyles.Whether in the office or happy party, choosing a sexy underwear that suits you best is the best expression.

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