Sexy underwear for half a year

Part 1: Why hide it

Sex underwear is a must -have for many women, and not only one or two sets of people buying, but a lot. At this time, do you have some trouble?Because underwear piled together often occupy a lot of space, not only occupying the air of the room, but also makes you troublesome every time you open the cabinet.At this time, many people choose to hide them.So why do we hide the sexy lingerie?

Part 2: Make life more harmonious

In fact, hiding sex underwear can make life more harmonious.First of all, not everyone needs to see these underwear at home. There are too many lenses. Sometimes they can suffocate, and sometimes they may have in -depth associations for relatives and friends.

Part II

Hidden sexy underwear can protect more privacy.Because they belong to themselves, their privacy does not need to be understood by anyone so, which is necessary for many women.

Part 4: Make your home more neat

At the same time, the hiding of the sexy lingerie will also make the style of the home more neat.In a clean environment, sexy underwear has been better protected.Perhaps the person in love will feel a special surprise and mystery.

Part 5: Choose the right storage box

So, the question is, why is the sex lingerie hidden in the appropriate storage box?Everyone can imagine that a fashionable sexy underwear is thrown in a storage basket at will, which is far from being placed in the designated storage box. It looks delicate and high -end.Therefore, it is also important to choose the right storage box.

Part 6: How to choose a storage box

For different materials and styles of sexy underwear, we need to choose different storage boxes.For example, cute and sweet sexy underwear needs to be stored in a sweet, feminine bag, and black sexy underwear needs a bit of atmospheric and beautiful storage box for storage.

Part 7: Pay attention to cleanliness and hygiene

Even if you hide the sexy lingerie, you must not forget to clean them, and pay attention to cleanliness.Therefore, we need to regularly take them out of the storage box for cleaning and ensure that it is placed in a dry place.

Part 8: Organize regularly

It is also necessary to compose a storage box regularly.Because of different seasons and seasons, we need to replace different styles to give people different surprises.Therefore, regular finishing is not only to understand whether our sexy underwear needs to be replaced, but also allows us to better clarify which underwear we have and what are lost.

Part 9: Hidden, also elegant

Although hiding sex underwear, we also have to pay attention to its placement.After all, some particularly stylish and elegant styles of sexy underwear are placed in the right position. Even if they can’t hide it, they look special.

Part 10: Conclusion

Attentive female friends are always willing to take care of their own sexy underwear, hiding them in the right place, is also a small surprise and special.So, are you ready to hide your fun underwear perfectly?

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