Sexy underwear Join Kissing Video Daquan

Sexy underwear Join Kissing Video Daquan

Sex underwear franchise guide

Joining the sexy underwear brand is a potential investment form, but not all brands are the same.Before choosing a franchise brand, you need to consider some important factors.

Brand’s popularity

Choosing a well -known brand is the key.Well -known brands have a stable customer base, good reputation and brand attention.

product quality

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Choosing a high -quality sexy underwear brand is the key to maintaining reputation.Pay attention to the raw materials, production and quality inspection processes of the brand dealers.

Brand value proposition

The value of the brand’s value and concept is the key to attracting target customers.These claims can be women’s confidence, women’s softness, sexy, freedom, etc.

Brand market positioning

Choose a brand suitable for your own store image, that is, the brand’s market positioning is the same as the needs and tastes of consumers.For example, young women like fashion and sexy but not explicit underwear.

Brand support

Choose a brand that can provide necessary support for the store.Support may involve training, advertising and sales activities.

Establish a sales channel

Establishing sales channels is the key to successfully operating erotic underwear stores.Consider local and online channels.


Marketing strategy

Formulate suitable and effective marketing strategies to attract potential customers.For example: special promotion, event promotion, etc.

customer service

Consumers are the lifeline of the store.Provide high -quality customer services to attract customers, retain customers, and increase customer reputation.

Franchise fee

Learn about the cost structure of franchise brands and compare it.The cost of opening a store is a greater capital cost involved in the decoration, equipment purchase and operation.


Joining the sexy lingerie brand is a potential investment form.Choosing well -known brands, high -quality products, suitable market positioning and marketing strategies are the key to successfully operating stores.