Sexy underwear kitchen love love

Sexy underwear kitchen love love

The charm of sexy underwear in the kitchen love love

For those who love sexy underwear, in addition to experiencing romance and excitement in the bedroom, you can also move the erotic underwear to the kitchen to create more interesting sexual gameplay.The following is the sexy underwear that should be paid attention to in the kitchen love and love.

Choose the right sexy lingerie material

Fun underwear material is very important, it directly affects the experience in sex.When choosing a sexy underwear, it is necessary to consider its comfort and breathing performance.In the kitchen, we need to do it frequently and may sweat, so it is best to choose a good ventilation material to avoid impermeable situations.

Buy sexy underwear that conforms to figure

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Whether it is kitchen love or in bedroom love, the size of the sexy underwear is very important.If sexy underwear is too small or too large, it may affect your confidence and sex confidence.Therefore, when choosing a sexy underwear, pay attention to the size and follow the principle of "the best best".

Select different styles of sexy underwear with different styles

In the kitchen love, the style of sexy underwear will affect the entire atmosphere.If you want to create a romantic atmosphere, you can choose a dark series. If you want to be more sexy, you can choose transparent sexy underwear.

Make good use of diversity sexy underwear

Compared with the bedroom love, kitchen love can be bold and innovative, so it is necessary to make good use of diversity in the choice of sexy underwear.You can choose a variety of material sexy underwear for replacement, or choose complex sexy underwear for dressing.In terms of diversity of sexy underwear, it can bring different interests and novels.

It is best to choose a sexy underwear that is easy to clean

After the end of the encounter, the cleaning of the sexy underwear is also very important.When choosing a sexy underwear, it is best to choose a style that is easy to clean, so as not to cause embarrassment due to the problem of the cleaning of the sexy underwear.You can choose transparent, ordinary sexy underwear, or to choose some erotic underwear made of some easy -to -clean materials.

Falling underwear restraint should be moderate

In the kitchen, the use of sexy underwear is also very important.When using sexy underwear constraints, pay attention to safety and avoid too tight or too loose, so as not to cause damage.Moderate sexy underwear restraint can increase the sense of stimulation without causing physical discomfort.

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Never wear high heels

When you exercise in the kitchen, it is best not to choose to wear high heels.High -heeled shoes will limit your movement in the kitchen, which is more likely to cause discomfort in your feet.There is a mistake in the encounter, which will make feelings not very good.

Don’t rigid, enjoy kitchen love naturally

Kitchen love is for innovation and relaxation.In the presence of gorgeous encounters, don’t be too stiff, you can naturally enjoy the encounter.You can use the process of adventure as a roaming to experience the charm of sexy underwear, so as to relax and enjoy the fun of love and love in the kitchen.


Kitchen love needs only sexy underwear and an innovative love.Through sexy underwear, you can create more interesting sexual gameplay and explore more sexual and love space in the encounter.The above is the introduction of the content of love underwear and kitchen love, I hope it will be helpful to you.