Sexy underwear original film

Sexy underwear original film

What is sexy underwear original film

Fun underwear original film generally refers to materials used to make adult products.These materials usually use natural or synthetic fiber materials, including silk, lace, mesh, artificial leather, latex, etc., as well as various cute and interesting cartoon patterns, letters, numbers and other elements.

The material of the original film of sex underwear

There are many materials for the original materials of sexy underwear, and common ones are silk, cotton, lace, artificial leather, imitation leather, latex and PVC.Among them, natural materials such as silk and lace have the advantages of softness, comfort, strong breathability, and beautiful feel, while artificial materials such as imitation leather, artificial leather, latex, and other special properties are more high -intensity, waterproof, and anticorrosive.Different types of original films can create richer sexy underwear style.

Fun underwear original classification

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Under normal circumstances, sexy underwear can be divided into two categories: stickers and overall wearing.The upper decoration refers to cutting the original chip of the sexy underwear into the shape and size of the required underwear, and then paste them to the corresponding parts of the underwear, including the bray cup, waist, hip, front chest, back, etc.The overall dressing refers to the fact that the sexy lingerie is cut into an integrated sexy underwear that is directly worn, including conjoined underwear, bodies and lace camisole.

The size and production of the original film of sex underwear

The size and production of the original film of sex underwear are adjusted according to actual needs.Under normal circumstances, you need to buy the original films you need to make sexy underwear, and then use equipment such as paper scissors or laser cutting machines to cut them into the required size and shape, and then sew them on the underwear according to the design pattern.Finally, add related accessories such as hooks, zippers, etc. to complete the production.

The use of sexy underwear original pieces

In addition to making sexy underwear, there are many uses of sexy underwear.For example, they can be used to beautify the gift boxes that need to be packaged, or they can also use them to decorate mobile phone cases, handbags or other personal products.

How to choose sexy underwear original films

When choosing the original film, the most important thing is to choose products with excellent materials.In addition, according to your own needs, choose different types and specifications of the original film.For example, if you want to make sexy underwear with better breathability, you should choose fiber materials such as silk, cotton.And if you want to make waterproof and pollution -proof sexy underwear, you should choose synthetic materials such as artificial leather and imitation leather.

Funeral underwear original cleaning and maintenance

The cleanliness of the original film of sex underwear needs to be different according to the different materials.Under normal circumstances, most sexy underwear can be cleaned by hand washing, dry cleaning or machine washing.However, in the case of uncertain material cleaning method, it is best to use hand washing or dry cleaning to avoid damaging the material.In addition, during maintenance, you should try to avoid direct sunlight and high temperature drying to avoid damage to the material.

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The popular trend of sexy underwear originals

In recent years, the style and design of more and more sexy underwear have broken through the traditional restraint and began to pay attention to innovation and personalization.The designers are more bold in color and patterns, and pay more attention to expression and creativity.At the same time, you can also combine intelligent technology to make sexy underwear more interactive and interesting.

The influence of sexy underwear on women on women

Fun underwear original pieces can make women more confident, charm and beauty.Putting on sex underwear can not only improve women’s self -esteem and self -confidence, but also enhance their feminine charm and attractiveness.In addition, sexy underwear can also ignite women’s lust and increase the interest and interaction between husband and wife.


Fun underwear original film is a creative, fashionable and sexy material.These original films can create the most wonderful sexy underwear, and can also play a role in decorating and beautifying.However, it should also be paid attention to cleaning and maintenance during use to avoid the impact of the material and the life life.