Sexy underwear reveals flesh

Sexy underwear reveals flesh


Interesting underwear is becoming more and more popular, but the "meat" in the figure has made many women discourage.In fact, as long as you want to know your body type and the parts you want to display, choose the suitable style of sexy underwear, and you can shine yourself.


When wearing a suit and T -shirt, you can choose to pick up the gathered sexy underwear that feels good.If you wear a low -necked or vest shirt, you can choose a rich and visual impact sexy underwear.

Choose underwear color

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Black -colored sex underwear can shape the sexy image; white sex underwear can make people feel fresh and natural; skin and erotic lingerie can create a warm feeling.

Reference fabric

Silk fabrics can maximize the elasticity and closeness of sexy underwear; cotton fabrics are very suitable for women with sensitive skin; silk fabrics create a noble and elegant atmosphere.

Suitable underwear types suitable for different bodies

For women with tall figures, you can choose a close -fitting underwear to make your chest firmer; for women who are petite skeleton, you can choose a tulle -style sexy underwear to increase the overall visual effect.

Selection of sexy suspenders -type sexy underwear

Sexy suspenders -type sexy underwear focuses on the straps around the chest, so it should be noted that the shoulder strap needs to be wide enough to give full support to the chest to avoid expansion.

Selecting skills of front buckle sexy underwear

The front buckle color underwear is often used in T -shirts and low -cut clothes.When choosing this type of underwear, pay attention to the quality of the front buckle, so as to ensure the life and comfort.

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Bullish women’s choice

For plump women, you can choose a rich style of sexy underwear, and black or skin color styles can create a perfect visual effect; and the detailed sexy underwear behind the back can weaken the back meat.

Precautions for wearing underwear

Interesting underwear also needs to follow the basic dressing and precautions of the underwear. For example, some physical activities must be performed after wearing underwear, so that the underwear is more fit with the body. After each washing, clean and maintain.

Summary: Choosing a sexy underwear that suits you is the key

The final choice is still based on your own figure to see which style of sexy underwear is suitable for you and which material is the most comfortable. On this basis, add to the body’s maintenance to supplement nutrition in a timely manner, and then match the appropriate clothing.You can get rid of the problem of flesh and steadily move towards sexy and confident.