Sexy underwear suits increase size

Introduction: The significance of increased size of sexy underwear suits

Sex underwear can add color to our sexual life and improve the quality of love.However, for women with large figures, choosing sexy underwear is a difficult thing.For this reason, the increase in the number of sexy underwear suits has become an important choice.

Increase the basic characteristics of code sex lingerie set

The characteristics of increasing the characteristics of code sex underwear set are mainly in the following aspects:

More loose, more suitable for women with large figure

The design is unique and the style is novel, not only comfortable but also taking into account fashion

Sexy style, reasonable design, highlight the advantages of body figure

Health material, no irritation, breathable fabric, easy washing

Increase the style of code sex underwear suit

Increased the style of the 衣 加 lingerie suit is rich and diverse. The following introduces several more popular ones:

Lace erotic underwear set: This style is common in neutral black or pure white, slender shoulder straps and large -blocks of lace can well modify the advantages of the body

Three -point erotic underwear suit: This style is composed of a strap and triangle pants, which is suitable for women with beautiful figures.

Net yarn sex lingerie set: This style is extremely sexy, with design and other designs such as mesh, transparent materials, etc., pay more attention to artistic conception and sensation.

How to choose the appropriate increase in code sex lingerie set

How to buy an increase in code sex lingerie set?Please pay attention to the following points:

Choose the right style according to your body characteristics

Clearly grasp your body size and choose the number of codes accurately

Understand the fabrics of the love lingerie suit, choose according to your own skin type, so as not to be too exciting

Choose the color that suits you to highlight your personal temperament

How to match the code sex lingerie set

When matching the 码 搭 搭 搭, you need to pay attention to the following points:

The choice of underwear style should be based on the type of outerwear, avoid the embarrassment of the internal and external matching

Avoid the overlapping color, so as not to destroy the overall visual effect

The color of the matching shoes and accessories should be integrated with the color inside and outside, echoing

The matching clothes must be in line with temperament and occasion, as well as your daily dressing habits

Increase the maintenance of code sex lingerie set

Increase the maintenance of the code sex lingerie set should pay attention to the following aspects:

When washing, you can choose water -based detergent

Do not use laundry powder to avoid too irritating to produce skin allergies and other problems

The correct way of drying should be naturally drying, don’t use the way to directly sunlight or drying

Avoid mixing with other clothing and jewelry, avoid damage to sexy underwear suits

Increase the price of code sex lingerie set

There are certain differences in the price of increasing the price of 衣 加 lingerie sets. The common price range is generally between hundreds and 1,000 yuan.Generally speaking, the price is based on material, brand and production difficulty. All familiar clothes of women have the same trend.


After the introduction of the above points and the reminder of the precautions, I believe that everyone can understand more clearly the basic characteristics of increasing code sex underwear suits, the choice of style, how to match, maintenance, and price range.Buying suitable for you to increase code sex underwear suits can better bring the pleasure of sex and inject a fresh feeling into the beauty of emotions.

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