Sexy underwear TV series video

Sexy underwear TV series video

Sexy underwear TV series video

In recent years, fun underwear, as a cultural phenomenon with a highly sexy and artistic sense, has attracted more and more attention from young people.Many TV series and online dramas have enriched the plot and increase the charm of the characters through sexy underwear.This article will start from the sexy underwear in TV series and online dramas to introduce some popular sexy underwear types.

1. Quota lace underwear

Interest lace underwear is a sexy underwear mainly based on lace fabrics. It usually uses perspective, chest support design to create a sexy and charming effect.Carrie Bradshaw, the heroine in the TV series "Desire City", appeared in front of the camera wearing a set of black see -through lace underwear, all showing her cleverness, independence, love and hate.For women in real life, sexy lace underwear is often used to enhance self -confidence and personal charm.

Second, uniform sexy underwear

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Fun sexy underwear is a special type of underwear used by women in sex games (role -playing).By imitating the professional dress of the police, waiters, nurses, stewardesses, etc., women become more attractive and more interesting in sex games.Most of these sexy underwear adopts special styles such as tight design, high -end, low -cut, short skirts, etc., so that women’s figure can be better displayed.Andy in the TV series "Struggle" put on the stewardess uniform in the festival, making people shine.

Third, suspended sexy underwear

Drinks and sexy underwear are most suitable for wearing in summer because of their lightness and softness, the bow of the waist, and the fresh colors.The protagonist in the TV series "The Lonely Queen" chose a Low BACK sling underwear. In the magnificent palace, her softness and righteousness melted into one, making people unforgettable.

Fourth, body plastic sexy lingerie

Plastic and sexy underwear refers to those underwear that can help women to create a perfect figure, which is often used for sexy dance and role -playing.This kind of underwear focuses on shaping the waist, chest and hips, and often uses stronger tensile and better elastic materials.The pure concubine in the TV series "Biography of Rugao" adjusted her body in the court and was recognized and loved by the audience.

Five, text chest sex shield

Wen chest sexy underwear refers to those sexy underwear that pays more attention to chest shaping.Such underwear usually uses a soft, comfortable and good texture, which can make the chest fuller and upright, and use perspective, lace and other designs on the outside to create a sexy and artistic character.In the TV series "Beacon Beauty", the protagonist Li Yunxiao once appeared in a perspective underwear, showing her infinite longing for love.

Six, interesting socks

Fun socks are underwear accessories that can improve the sexy index of women. They are often used to wear with sexy underwear.Sex stockings are divided into many types such as mesh socks, stockings, and meat -colored socks. Among them, due to its transparent characteristics, net socks are very suitable for the foil of sexy underwear.In the TV series "Biography of the Moon", the protagonist Yue Yue wore a black stockings, which seemed to mean the softness and firmness of her deep inside.

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Seven, night service sexy underwear

Nightswear sexy underwear refers to sexy underwear that can be used in the situation such as dinner or party.This kind of underwear can not only meet sexy needs, but also play a role in setting up atmosphere and increasing a sense of ritual.In the TV series "The Marriage of Malzis", the protagonist Giada Colagrande brought the beautiful and generous temperament after wearing a black lace night dress.

8. Set erotic sheet clothes

Set sexy underwear refers to those underwear suits that combine sex underwear, stockings, headwear and other small accessories.This type of underwear can not only make women have a high sexy temperament, but also improve women’s interesting experience.In the web drama "Fox War", the protagonist Angelababy’s set of sexy underwear burst her femininity.

Nine, the college sexy dress

College sexy underwear is a piece of underwear affected by the college’s culture, using large corset or deep V.Although this type of underwear has a certain S*M element, it feels full and vibrant.In the movie "Spy Shadow 2", the character PAM is wearing from the college. In modern cities, her figure is full of vitality.

Ten, fun bellyband

Interesting bellybands are a very popular sexy underwear in recent years. It is mainly for women to adjust different sexual interests through changes in the location and length of the bellyband.In the TV series "The Workplace is a Technical Work", the heroine is a red love bellyband with a full -fledged red love belly.

Conclusion: Modern women are good at showing their charm through different erotic underwear. Each type of sexy underwear has its special charm and value.Whether in the plot or in real life, sexy underwear can make women more sexy and confident.