Shopping app sex underwear photo source

Shopping app sex underwear photo source

1. The source of the photos of the affectionate underwear in the shopping app

With the continuous development of Internet technology, shopping apps have become one of the preferred tools for people’s shopping.As an increasingly popular shopping option, sexy underwear has become more and more popular on shopping APPs.So, where is the source of these sexy underwear?

2. Photos provided by sexy underwear merchants

Browse sexy underwear on the shopping app, most of the photos come from the merchants.The merchants will make photos of sexy underwear into high -quality publicity pictures through professional shooting and post -processing.These photos will show the details, color, materials and other details of sexy underwear, so that buyers have a more intuitive understanding before buying.

3. Photos in the company’s inventory

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In addition to the photos provided by the merchant by themselves, when the shopping APP is made of sexy underwear photos, it may also be obtained from the inventory of the sexy underwear company.Some sexy underwear companies will provide product information containing sexy underwear photos, which are taken and processed by the company themselves.

4. Photos taken by the technical team

For some independent small shopping apps, they do not have enough funds to hire photographers and post -processing personnel.Therefore, the technical team of these APPs will take photos of sexy underwear in person.In this case, the quality and style of these photos are completely determined by the technical team.

5. Photos provided by the cooperative shooting team

In addition to taking photos by yourself, some shopping apps will also cooperate with the photography team to obtain high -quality sexy underwear photos taken by professional shooting.This method can ensure the quality and exquisiteness of the photo, and improve the beauty and product display effect of the shopping app.

6. Photos on the website

Some shopping websites and shopping apps will provide users with assistance and find new sexy underwear. They are used by sexy underwear photos of other shopping websites to provide users to choose from.These photos are not provided by merchants, but they are enough to display products in front of users.

7. photos uploaded by the user

Some shopping app allows users to upload sexy underwear photos by themselves, allowing other users to see their own actual wear effects.This part of the photo is taken by real figure models. The background of the picture stage is different, and the style will be different, but they can provide more references for those who buy sexy underwear.


8. Photos provided by peer competition companies

The competition for shopping APP is increasingly fierce. Sometimes, when sexy underwear merchants and shopping apps cannot meet the needs of the product display needs, they will seek cooperation with their competition companies.In this case, the sexy underwear photos used in the shopping app will come from other shopping platforms.

9. User’s exclusive photos

Some sexy underwear merchants tailor -made sex underwear for specific users.For such specific customers, sexy underwear merchants will personally take photos to show the design patterns and styles of sexy underwear, and provide more personalized customized solutions.These photos will also be used on the shopping app.

10. Comprehensive use of photos of a variety of sources

Comprehensive use of various sources of sexy underwear photos is a common practice in shopping apps.Different sources of photos have their own strengths. Comprehensive use can make up for the shortcomings between them, and let users see more types and diverse sexy underwear photos.

In short, there are many sources of sexy underwear in the shopping app, and each source has its own advantages and disadvantages.The richness and diversity of these sexy underwear photos allow users to have a more comprehensive awareness and understanding of the goods before purchasing.